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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

4 Simple Ways to Create More Space at Home

If you’d love a bigger home, moving to a larger property or adding on to your house seem like obvious solutions. However, both of these options require significant investment. What’s more – it can take months for renovations to be completed, while finding a new home can take even longer. Fortunately, there are other ways to make your existing home feel larger than ever.

To find out how you can maximize space in a fast and budget-friendly way, take a look at these simple ways to create more space at home:

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1. Make the Most of Your Attic

If you’re not making the most of your attic, then you’re missing out on a vast amount of space that could be utilized. Converting your attic into a bedroom or office is one way to increase the square footage of your home but even turning it into a super-efficient storage space is a great way to make your home larger. With attic remodeling and storage from, for example, you can transform your attic into a usable space. By doing so, you’ll free up other areas of your home and have lots more space to enjoy.

2. Add a Deck

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it’s easy to create more space at home. Adding a deck gives you the opportunity to create an indoor-outdoor environment that can be used in all weathers. With an awning and outdoor heaters, for example, you can spend more time outdoors in Fall and Winter, as well as being able to enjoy the sunshine throughout Spring and Summer. With bifold or trifold doors, a deck can even increase the size of your kitchen or downstairs room and create a multi-purpose space for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Create an Open Plan Living Space

If your property consists of separate rooms on the ground floor, it probably feels smaller than it needs to be. By removing non-load-bearing walls, you can create an open-plan living environment quickly and easily. Alternatively, load-bearing walls can be removed and replaced with alternative structural supports, although a little more work will be required. By creating an open plan living space, you can make your home feel much larger and, with non-essential walls removed, you’ll gain extra space too.

4. Start Decluttering

Clutter instantly makes a room feel smaller, so get to work discarding or donating the things you no longer use. By letting go of things you don’t need, you can free up space for the things you truly value. As well as creating more space at home, you’ll also find that a clutter-free environment can promote relaxation and enable you to enjoy your property even more.

Planning Your Dream Interior

If you’re making changes to your property, now is the perfect time to update your décor too. The color or themes you choose can have a big impact on how spacious a room feels, so bear this in mind. By planning your interior design in advance, you can find chic and stylish ways to maximize space and transform your home.

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