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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How Handy's Cleaning Service Helps Me Stay Organized

I'm just a happier person when my house is clean and tidy. The problem is, I'm not exactly the best at keeping my home that way. I'll start tackling the oven, then get distracted by a pile of newspapers on the counter, and next thing you know, I'm cleaning out the bedroom closet … and the oven? Still dirty.

Having someone come to clean on a monthly basis is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I look at it like an investment that's good for both my mental health and, frankly, my marriage (I'm sure we're not the only couple who can be a little snippy about this stuff, right?). But I’ve never been able to manage the task of finding a good person and booking them on a regular basis. It’s a lot trickier than it sounds!

There are a few challenges I've faced in this — and, after talking to friends, I've realized it's not just me. First up is finding someone who's background checked, vetted, and available. Then, once I've got someone I like, it can be harder than you might think to schedule them on a regular basis. And, if I want to book a cleaning without a ton of lead time — like, before company comes or after a party — that's a whole other story.

It turns out; there's an easier way. It's called Handy, and it's kind of like the Uber of home cleaning services. It allows you to book vetted, background-checked pros to come to your house whenever you’d like - sometimes as soon as the very next day.

The website is extremely easy to navigate — in fact, I think I probably had an account set up and an appointment requested in just a minute or two. Between the background checking, high ratings, and the fact that Handy is now affiliated with  Angie's List, I felt really confident about using the pro who accepted my request — and the fact that the price is given upfront is pretty great, too.

Plus, you can specify whether you want a basic cleaning or something more specific and involved, and, if you like the pro you are working with , it's easy to have the same one come back in the future.

Another cool thing to note is that, yes, you can request your Pros to come whenever it's convenient, but Handy also offers discounted cleaning plans, so you can decide upfront whether you want someone to come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Imagine how great it would be to know that someone is coming on the reg to help you keep your ship in order - and saving more with a plan at the same time!

I can live happily without lots of things — lattes, pedicures, nice purses — but man, knowing what a difference it makes to have someone help with a chore I find so onerous makes it hard to imagine going without.

Update: The awesome folks at Handy are extending a Limited Time Offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

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