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Monday, March 9, 2020

Bath And Body Works 2020 Easter Goodies

Not Sponsored: Hey Guys! About 2 weeks ago, I did a blog post on Bath and Body Work's 2020 Easter Collection. I just received my order and thought I would share my thoughts with you. I purchased two candles. My favorite is the Happy Easter Tutti Frutti Jelly Bean Candle. It truly has an assorted FRUIT-filled berry aroma. The glitter egg magnet is a cute topper for that candle. Some Bunny Loves You has a lightly whipped chocolate & vanilla scent. I haven't burned it yet, so I hope there's a little more scent once I do. It's really nice, but light. I love the Bunny and Easter Egg Candle Holder. It displays decorated Easter eggs and bunny silhouettes. Its really nice, because once a candle is lit, the bunny silhouettes and eggs really stand out (as shown in the middle picture I took below). I added the Glittery Easter Egg Candle Ring to the candle holder. It looks really good together, don't you think? There are also TWO hand creams! One is called Easter Chocolate. It's scented like milk chocolate and the hand cream is creamy. The Vanilla Butter Cream hand cream has a VERY SOFT scent of vanilla (a little disappointed in it), I thought it would be more like buttercream frosting. The gumdrops, taffy and gummy bears I have scattered about are all FAUX and from this Etsy shop. I'm creating a Easter Egg Hunt Display in my home and I LOVE FAUX FOOD AND DESSERTS. Don't those look real? I can't wait to show you my display (just like I did for Halloween and Christmas). So those are my thoughts you guys!

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