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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Choosing a Wedding Venue and What to Consider

When you have just become engaged, even if you are planning to have quite a long engagement, it can be an exciting time to look up all things relating to your wedding. You could be looking at dresses online, as well as thinking about the kind of wedding that you want and the kind of wedding venue that it would suit. With the venue playing a really vital role in the overall success of the big day, it is a decision that you really need to get right; there is so much choice.

Just like when you view a new home to move into, there is a lot to consider, as well as a lot of excitement around things. But you need to understand that the venue can cater for all of your specific requirements. The wedding venue that you pick will help you to determine things like the number of people that you invite, the vendors, the food, the decor, as well as the wedding budget. So here are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing your wedding venue.

Venue Capacity
To narrow down your search, knowing what capacity you are looking for is a must. Are you looking for somewhere that will hold a large number of people, or will there only be a small number of guests in attendance, so a much smaller venue can work instead? The size of the venue is important and it will go on to impact the budget that you have, and impact the things on the day like the space and enjoyment of guests. Making a guest list in your head will help you to work out rough numbers and then eliminate any options that are too small or too big. Then you can go from there.

The Location
Where will the majority of your guests be coming from, or will that not really play a part? If they are not going to be local to you, then choosing a venue is something that is easily accessible, or has things like hotels close or a venue that comes with on-site accommodation. You should also take into account if you will have all of the wedding in one place, or will you be having a church ceremony before moving onto the venue? If the latter applies, then you should think about having a venue close to where you plan on having the service.

Wedding Theme
You need to think about the venue and what works for you,the wedding theme, and a venue that helps to enhance your wedding aesthetic. If you want quite a glamorous venue, then a country house or a mansion could work. If you want quite a casual or rustic wedding then a barn setting could work. Something more modern could be an art gallery or a hotel, or perhaps you have access to a large garden to have an outdoor wedding; there are plenty of different wedding venue options to choose from, depending on the kind of wedding you want to have.
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