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Monday, March 9, 2020

New Rules for a Young Generation: 7 Fashion Trends That Characterize a Millennial

Every generation creates trends that define them, and millennials are no exception. They are young people born between 1981 and 1997. Millennials have put their stamp on everything from clothing colors to style. These young adults are environmentally conscious online shoppers who buy exercise gear at unprecedented rates. They pay attention to price tags. Today's young people are fans of decluttering and choose simple wardrobes that fit their lifestyles.

1) Two Colors Are Defining a Generation

If it seems that the rising generation is more colorful than others, it's because of their penchant for bright, bold hues. Millennial pink is their signature color, and it is everywhere. Young adults choose it for decorating, furniture, and some even tint their hair a rosy shade. They are also hooked on Internet shopping, and it is common for women to shop at a favorite online women's boutique for pink hats, tops, leggings, and skirts. Many are seen sporting chic baseball caps ranging in color from coral to blush.

But pink is not the only pastel that marks the generation. Runways showing 2020 collections featured a palette of delicate lilacs and lavenders that have been called, "Millennial Purple." Young celebrities are showing off the colors, and stylists include them in wardrobes. Fashion experts predict that purples will continue to be huge going into summer and fall. Chic young women are using the shades to create monochromatic looks that make very bold fashion statements. Soft purples also pair well with black or white, creams, and yellows. Budding fashionistas combine their favorite pink elements with the season's purples.

2) Young Trendsetters Demand Authenticity

Members of the millennial generation want authenticity in their clothing, whether they are investing in brands or developing a style. They often reject standard industry boundaries and create unique versions. Young adults support stylish activists and role models. They are responsible for the increased number of gender-fluid and plus-sized models. Shoppers focus on brands and styles that celebrate diversity and environmental responsibility. Per professionals reporting for fashion site Who What Wear, unfollowing the pack is their trademark style statement.

Young adult shoppers may also be smarter buyers than even their down-to-earth great-grandparents. People in their twenties spend time comparing clothing online. They use the Internet to research brands. Buyers visit social media sites to learn about manufacturers' philosophies. They choose trustworthy companies that provide functional, high-quality merchandise. Young shoppers like brands that offer long-lasting clothing in classic designs. They want things that will last for years, not just a few seasons. Millennials stand behind businesses that represent something broader and more significant than just profits.

3) Personalized Items Are "In"

Individuality is also the mark of a millennial, which is why most are big on personalized items. Members of the younger generation want shopping experiences to feel personal. With that in mind, many designer brands and High Street stores have invested in personalization. Designer Anya Hindmarch has responded with a build-a-bag initiative. Monogrammed tees are popular among chic young buyers. In their quest for items that shout, "This is me," millennials are giving a boost to the customization business.

4) Leopard Prints Appeal to Chic Young Buyers

Wearing animal fur is "out" among politically-correct young buyers. Still, animal-print clothing is definitely on trend The Business Insider reports that the leopard print midi skirt has become a must-have wardrobe item for many happening millennial women. Silk bias-cut leopard print skirts are often considered warm-weather staples. They are seen everywhere in cosmopolitan cities like New York. The prints add a campy, playful element to wardrobes and mesh perfectly with the younger generation's relaxed, creative vibe.

5) Workout Gear Is Essential to Millennials

Millennials are often workout junkies, so they take exercise clothing seriously. Since exercise is often part of daily routines and can take place in a range of environments, young women often have a closet full of leggings, sweats, and running shoes. Their demand for ever more stylish, comfortable gear has created a booming industry. Designers are turning out figure-flattering training clothes in every imaginable color, pattern, and size. Millennials are willing to invest a lot of time and money in finding the right fitness gear. Their tendency to wear leggings, sneakers, and jackets as streetwear spawned a look that has been adopted by other generations. The comfortable styles are the hallmark of the athleisure look, a rising trend that shows no signs of slowing.

6) The Younger Generation Buys Affordable Designer Handbags

Women aged 23 to 39 love luxury designer handbags as much as their mothers and grandmothers, but they are not willing to break the bank to own them. It is a trait of their generation that young adults research buying options before committing to large purchases. They are smart shoppers who weigh the pros and cons of every product. Unlike previous generations, they are not in love with "must-have" bags of the season. In any case, women's drive for individuality causes many to reject anything that everyone else has. Instead, millennials are flocking to new designers who offer high-end products that cost much less than classic brands.

7) Minimalism Is the Mark of Millennials

Today's young men and women like to highlight what is important to them and eliminate anything unnecessary. Homes are often decorated in clean, minimalist styles. Millennials want to declutter their homes and wardrobes. They do not enjoy wasting time looking for things and are not impressed with overflowing closets. When putting together fashionable looks, they choose the fewest pieces needed to get the desired look. Many are fans of capsule wardrobes. They carefully select pieces that become the foundation for their style. Instead of continually adding trendy pieces, younger shoppers are likely to invest in a few timeless items. They add prints, colors, and accessories for the changing seasons.

The millennial generation is one of the most fashion-conscious and savvy of any in recent history. Millennials select clothing wisely, with an eye to their lifestyles, budgets, and current trends. Young men and women buy quality classic items in campy prints as well as bold colors like pink and purple. They wear trendy workout gear as casual clothing and patronize suppliers who are authentic, trustworthy, and socially responsible.
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