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Thursday, March 19, 2020

REN Skincare | Non-Drying Acne Treatment Gel Review

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Not Sponsored: I had a couple of breakouts due to the current stressful situation the world is dealing with now. So I purchased REN's Non-Drying Acne Treatment Gel (Nordstrom, Sephora, Dermstore). The reviews on Sephora's website range from raving about the product to it hardly doing anything. I've tried it for several weeks now. This product comes in a small tube. It has a copper color and is very liquidity. It has no offensive scent (just medical) unlike the Sunday Riley acne products I tried (they worked, but the smell LOL). REN states to put a small layer on your skin. There was no irritation or sensitivity to my dry, sensitive and reactive skin. That's good because some acne medication is too strong for my skin type. REN states this products has, "White Willow Bark Naturally-derived Salicylic Acid 0.5%: Aids the body’s natural skin renewal to help reduce spot size and keep skin clear. Maritime Pine and Thyme Complex: Helps soothe skin. Prebiotic Chlorella Extract: Supports a healthy skin microbiome." Two things happened with me while using this product. For two little pimples I had, it brought the acne to the surface (but I still had two little acne bumps in the end). And then one pimple spot I had, dried and flaked off ... but not completely gone. So this acne treatment is really gentle. Those areas have gotten better, but they're not GONE! And I've used this product a couple times a day for THREE WEEKS. I like Sunday Riley but the smell. LOL I'm finding clay does a faster job at getting rid of my acne, like REN's Clay Cleanser (cleanser and spot treatment). But it's too visible to use during the day (if you plan on going somewhere). Only at night. With acne, you want something to work fast and be gone.

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  REN's Non-Drying-Acne Treatment Gel is Bittersweet

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