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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Four Easy Ways For Entrepreneurs To Give Back

Most entrepreneurs these days are aware of a growing need to give something back. We are all part of a wider community and ecosystem, and somehow growing your own small business makes you acutely aware of this. Perhaps it's also something to do with the transformative power of seeing an idea of yours come to life- you suddenly realize that you really can make an impact. Giving back in some way is a huge part of corporate social responsibility and running a company that stays true to your vision and values. Entrepreneurs also have a huge amount of relevant skills that they can use to make a big difference. What could you do to change the world today?

Marketing Skills
You have had to develop a huge amount of skill in developing the story of your business and getting that message out to potential clients or customers - and that is something that a lot of charitable organizations desperately need, but often aren’t very good at. Using your talents and what you’ve learnt to help create a marketing strategy for a charity - especially smaller ones who don’t often have access to outside expertise - can do them a real favour. Perhaps you know how to run social media campaigns, or you’ve learned to use tools like Canva for simple marketing graphics - that is something that a local good cause could really benefit from in order to raise awareness.

Accountancy Tasks
You don’t have to be a chartered accountant to help out with some accounting for charities -  you just need to know your way around a Quickbooks interface. Community organizations are often in need of a little financial guidance - could you be the one to provide it? Whether it's a sports club, a voluntary childcare facility or the local animal rescue center, they will have accounts that are probably in need of some order - perhaps you could even help them to save some money while you’re at it.

Skills Transfer
Sometimes the most important thing you can do to help is just be you. Is there an opportunity for you to inspire young people to start their own business? Could you offer a women’s shelter support with interview coaching or teaching presentation skills to the residents to help them secure employment? Using what you naturally do well to benefit others is a truly great feeling and can really help people affect change in their lives. You may even decide that you can offer a placement or some work experience within your own company.

Better Use Of IT
Many small charities and community projects could be using IT services a lot better to transform what they can offer. Cloud-based software is ideal for easy record keeping, and many organizations will offer a free or very cheap license to not-for-profits. Charities can save time and streamline resources when they use the right IT solutions - and you could be perfectly placed to identify the best programs for them and help them to get up and running.
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