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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Splendid Spoon

Recently, I decided to up my game at the gym. I started working out with Ben, the most ripped guy in my gym, and he let me in on his secret: not just eating better, but eating a plant-based diet. I was shocked. I mean, there was no way he was getting enough protein from just plants.

I figured Ben was just one of those guys that had his stuff together. The thought of prepping every single meal was too unrealistic for me. I’m so busy with work that even fitting in the gym when I get the chance is pushing it. How would I have time to prepare all these meals?

Then I noticed Ben drinking a smoothie out of a bottle with the name “Splendid Spoon” on it - I asked him what it was, and he said it’s a subscription service that sends you ready-to-eat plant-based soups, smoothies, and grain bowls. I asked him if he was reeeally getting enough protein and actually felt full from them, and he insisted he was. Plus, I hate to say it, but he did look great… So what did I know?

I decided to look into Splendid Spoon to see what it was all about. Here's what I was surprised to find when I decided to try it...

Their meals are high in protein (and other good stuff)…

I couldn’t believe how high in protein Splendid Spoon’s meals are, due to the pea protein in their smoothies and other natural sources of protein in the grain bowls and soups. They’re also rich in healthy fats and superfoods such as hibiscus, matcha, acai, and turmeric, along with many more. Plus, they use fresh and natural ingredients, and their smoothies are much lower in sugar than regular store-bought smoothies.

They’re actually filling…

I wasn’t sure that these would fill me up, especially because I’ve got a big appetite. But I found that Splendid Spoon’s meals - even their smoothies - kept me going for hours. Portion control was something I struggled with before (I tend to overindulge sometimes...) so this made it a lot easier since the meals come ready to eat.

Tons of different meals...

I thought I’d get bored of soups and smoothies after a while, but Splendid Spoon has over 40 different meals to choose from. My favorites are the Cauliflower Tikka Soup and the Mexican Tomato Chili. And the Strawberry Goji smoothie is so tasty, I’m still surprised it’s so low in sugar.

It's super convenient…

There’s no way I would be able to eat these meals if it wasn’t for Splendid Spoon. The fact that everything is pre-made and ready to eat or ready to pop in the microwave makes it as easy as possible to eat healthier - absolutely no meal prep. The subscription means they are delivered right to my doorstep, and now I always have lunch for work figured out. Their meals start at just $9, so I’m saving money, too!

After a few weeks of Splendid Spoon, I really started to see the difference. I put this down to my work in the gym and the change in my diet. I still eat meat with dinner sometimes, so I’m not strictly plant-based, but my diet is definitely healthier thanks to Splendid Spoon.

I’d recommend Splendid Spoon to anyone who wants to eat healthier and try plant-based meals in a convenient way.

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