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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Make Your Office Feel More Welcoming

When inviting new people to your office, you want to be sure that they get a good impression of your business. A few improvements to your décor could help to make your office feel like a warmer and more friendly environment. You want to make sure that your office is equipped as this will go a long way to ensuring that your office space feels as welcoming as possible. That means ensuring that the kitchen is stocked with coffee, tea and all of the teapots and coffee grinder brush options that your clients and employees could want. You have to ensure that people come to work smiling and leave smiling, too. Here are just a few tips for making your office feel more welcoming.

Make the exterior inviting
You should start by considering the exterior to your office. Due to security reasons, many offices have features like blacked out windows and security cameras, which can make them seem less approachable. Try to counter this with inviting signage or by hanging plants outside (just remember to water them).

Some offices may require guests to ring a buzzer and wait. If this is the case, make sure that there is an awning for guests to stand under so that they can protect themselves from the elements if needs be – an aluminum awning company will be able to build an awning for you. This could cover trust the entrance or could run around the entire side of your building.

Exterior lighting could be useful for the winter months when it gets darker earlier. It could make your office more approachable and offer security benefits by making thieves unable to break in undetected.

Cull the clutter
Clutter will give off a sense that your office is disorganized. This may include piles of paper, unused machinery or excessive ornaments.

Take the time to reduce this clutter by dedicating a few hours to going through all your office supplies. Going paperless could be a way of making a big impact on your clutter.

Make use of colour
The traditional office space with blank white walls isn’t very inviting. Consider hiring a decorator to add a splash of color to the walls.

Yellows, reds and oranges tend to be energising colors that could make your office warmer and more vibrant. That said, cooler colors such as blues, greens and greys could make your office feel more calming and could be better for concentration.

Use warm lighting
A brighter office will also feel more welcoming. If your office feels a little gloomy, consider hiring an electrician to wire in some extra lighting. If you cannot afford to install spot lighting, consider track lighting as an alternative. Try to use warm tones of lighting rather than cooler tones.

Invest in cozy lobby furniture
If you have the space for a lobby, consider which furniture you place here. Guests may be sitting down and waiting here for long periods, so you want to make sure that any couches are comfortable. Try not to skimp on cheap chairs and look for furniture that will help people relax.

While also considering furniture, you may want to also consider other features in your lobby such as adding magazines to occupy guests or a water fountain/coffee machine.
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