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Monday, March 16, 2020

How To Build A Consumer Profile And Why

If you could read the thoughts of your customers, you would become a billionaire overnight. You would give them what they want, when, how and keep giving it to them over and over. The accuracy of your product design would meet their needs and also, future-proof your business for the generations yet to be born. You would have your very own crystal ball. Well, you can’t read minds but you can create customer profiles. Although this can sound like something a big brother Marxist state would do, it's actually nothing as sinister as it might sound. You’re simply making a data profile of customers that willingly give you their details so that you can more accurately market your products and services to them.

Trying to resolve
What is the concern, your business is currently to resolve? What is the major issue you have with regards to consumer satisfaction? Do you find your business is not innovative enough to please contemporary demands? Maybe you have a technology issue whereby your customers cannot access their products and services wherever they are. You need to find the common denominator for the reason you are trying to create customer profiles. When you can accurately identify the reasons, you will focus your efforts on specific areas rather than try to answer a broad set of questions.

Study the demographics
First things first, get the demographics exactly right. If you want to make the most common and accurate profile of your customers, you need to find the average age of your customers. Cater to the sex that is more dominant if you find an imbalance. Take a look at all the email addresses you have and the profiles they have made to sign into their accounts when they use your website. Do you ask for their annual revenue, if not, can you surmise it from their spending habits? Their income bracket may be estimated by their location, so pinpoint their regional location. Those living in Northern California will be richer than those in the south for example. Then when you have the relevant data, you can create a mean average profile of the most common type of customer that buys from your business.

Tracking and developing
People don’t stay the same forever, eventually, customers will change their habits and personality. In other words, they will want something different as their lifestyle and living standards change. Thus you need to use a cloud system that enables you to store all the data you will ever need. The cloud marketplace can be found on SimplyClouds, who present the options in a clear and concise manner. Not all cloud systems are the same, you will need to use one which works for your exact needs with regards to the type of data. Customer profiles are inherently multi-layered, thus you need a system that can be utilized across platforms.

What issue are you trying to resolve? You must have a reason for building a customer profile so you can focus your energy on the core concerns.
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