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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Finding Ways to Share Your Professional Knowledge

As you grow your career or even become passionate about something outside of work, you can build up a lot of knowledge. You gain experience and become knowledgeable in your chosen area; maybe you can even call yourself an expert. When you've become someone who knows their stuff, perhaps you start thinking about how you can share your knowledge. Getting involved with a community or passing along your expertise to the next generation can be excellent ways to share your knowledge and develop your career further. You can raise your profile and perhaps also make some extra money with these methods for sharing your professional knowledge.

Look for Opportunities to Work with Students
If you're thinking about passing your knowledge onto the next generation, working with students is a great idea. You can find opportunities to give lectures, run workshops or deliver other educational experiences. This is a very popular thing to do in the art world, with people in theater like Travis Preston often taking time to work with the next generation of artists. However, you don't need to be involved in the arts to offer your expertise to students. You can share your skills and knowledge in any area to anyone trying to learn in a variety of educational spaces.

Share Your Knowledge Online
Another way to share your knowledge is to do it online. If you don't feel like giving a lecture or running a class, there are several options for making your knowledge and professional opinions online. For example, you can start a blog and write about some of the important topics in your industry. Or for some longer content, you could even write a book and sell it digitally. Other options include starting a podcast or making educational videos that you can share with people on various platforms.

Be a Mentor
Working directly with one person, or maybe a couple of people, can be very rewarding too. Joining a mentorship program or offering to be someone's mentor allows you to share your expertise and help someone in a few different ways. As well as showing them the ropes and offering advice, you might be able to connect them with the right people and help them find the opportunities that they need. Being a mentor could be something that you do while you're at work, or it might be something that you can do during your spare time.

Step Up and Lead
Sometimes the best way to share your knowledge with others is to take the lead. If you know what you're doing, being willing to step up and be a leader can help everyone to achieve their goals. When a project or task requires skills or knowledge that match yours, being brave enough to take the lead and prove that you know what you're doing could be beneficial not just for you but for everyone else too.

Start sharing your professional knowledge, and it could help you grow your career, but it could also help you to feel good about the work that you do.
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