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Monday, July 31, 2023

6 Cheap And Easy 2023 Halloween Costumes For Men

Not Sponsored: Ok Guys! Halloween is in 92 days!!! Have you thought about what or who you will be for Halloween? Well, I'm here to help and give you a little inspiration. With the current economic situation, everyone's budget is a little tighter. But that doesn't mean, your costume has to lack. So let's get started! I'm going to tell you a cheap way, to pull it all together. Your Halloween costume will be a hit!

Oppenheimer Costume

One of the biggest movies in 2023 is about J. Robert Oppenheimer. His costume would be very easy and may I add cheap ... to put together. All you need is an old suit, white shirt, tie, hat, pipe or cigarette (definitely not promoting smoking, but I'll get to that later) and some inspirational messages. He worked on the Manhattan / Los Alamos Project in the 1940's, so that is the look you're going for. If you have an older looking suit, consider wearing it. If not, consider shopping at your local thrift store or online at eBay, in search of items (tie, hat, pipe etc) that have the look of that era. There are various views about Oppenheimer's decision to help make the atomic bomb. You can promote peace, by adding some positive messages to your costume, such as MAKE PEACE ... NOT WAR (button added to the suit or hold a sign), or NO WAR ... JUST PEACE, or a PEACE SYMBOL, or USE SCIENCE FOR GOOD, or DON'T SMOKE or THE WORLD NEEDS PEACE or LOVE, NOT WAR MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND.

Wonka Costume

The Wonka Movie featuring Timothee Chalamet, comes out in December.  For your costume, you only need some striped pants, a walking stick, neck scarf (borrow one from your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother), brown/black shoes/boots (which you probably already have), long jacket (preferably purple) and top hat. There are plenty of cheap top hats for sale on eBay. Check ebay, your local Goodwill and Salvation Army (either online or in store) for striped pants and long jackets. If you're handing out candy, consider displaying an old suitcase on a table for your trick or treater's FILLED WITH CANDY BARS. You will be the true Willy Wonka in their eyes. 

 Indiana Jones Costume

I think this is the easiest costume out the bunch! All you need are some khaki or green pants, khaki shirt (be sure to roll up your sleeves and leave a couple of buttons unbuttoned), brown/black shoes and a brown hat.  If it's cold, add a brown leather jacket to your costume. You probably have all of these things in your closet. If you do choose a whip (hahaha), let me suggest that you wrap it diagonally across your chest or attach it to the side of your belt. Please don't go snapping it at people passing you. Another option is a messenger bag. You can even fill it with some old rolled up maps. You are the archaeologist, explorer and adventurist!!!

Mission Impossible (Ethan Hunt) Costume

Another cheap and easy costume, is to dress up like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. All you have to do is wear ALL BLACK EVERYTHING FROM HEAD TO TOE. Sport some aviator glasses. You are Mr. Cool. Wear a badge around your neck or have a t-shirt made that says, Mission Accepted.

Ken Doll Costume

The movie that has broken all records for 2023 is Barbie. Being Ken would be a great couple costume, if your significant other would like to be Barbie. Being Ken is super easy! Buy a cheap blonde wig or use TEMPORARY blonde color for your hair. Then do a Google search for Ken Doll. Ken wore any and everything. You can definitely find something in your closet to wear (depending on the weather for Halloween in your area). You really can't go wrong with this costume. Oh! And always be sure to SMILE! Ken would have it no other way!

Napoleon Costume

I bet you didn't see this coming! Was this on your radar? The movie Napoleon is coming out this November. Thanksgiving to be precise. It features one of my favorite actors Joaquin Phoenix. Did you love him as the Joker? I surely did and can't wait until the next one. You can read about Napoleon's life. I bet you're saying, how in the world will this be a cheap costume!?! Don't make it hard! Wear white from neck to ankles. Put on some black tie-up shoes. Add a dark jacket. Purchase some cheap medals from eBay. Exaggerate by using a lot of them!!! Napoleon's hat is called a Bicorne! You can make one out of felt if you like. If you don't feel like doing that, there are plenty on eBay cheap. Then, be a bad, ruthless, bad ass!  I'll add the movie trailer for you below.


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