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Monday, July 31, 2023

6 Cheap And Easy 2023 Halloween Costumes For Women

Not Sponsored: With Halloween right around the corner, I had a really fun time putting together Halloween costume ideas for men in my last post. So what about the women!?! I didn't forget about you! I wouldn't do that to you!

Barbie Costume

As POPULAR as the Barbie Movie is (I predict its popularity is going to trend all the way into Christmas and next movie sequel), there will be a LOT of Barbie's out Halloween night. The diversity of Barbie is now so vast, you can practically wear anything. You don't have to be blonde. You can go classic, with a pink outfit (visit your local thrift shops such as Goodwill, Salvation Army etc). You can be a professional Barbie (doctor, teacher, scientist, lawyer, waitress, etc). What about a Halloween Barbie, where you wear black with smeared makeup? The thing is, you just need to wear some type of sash, button or something that tells people WHAT KIND OF BARBIE YOU ARE! I'm a shopping Barbie! I'm a grunge Barbie! I'm a (fill in the blank) Barbie. Have FUN with it! You can never have too many Barbie's out Halloween night. Get creative with it. Think about adding props! Take pictures with the other Barbie's you meet that night. If you have a boyfriend or husband, think about doing a couple Barbie & Ken costume. It will be fun.

Cleopatra Costume

If you want to get a head start on the upcoming Cleopatra craze (Gal Gadot is going to star as Queen Cleopatra in 2025), start working on your dramatic eye makeup looks for Halloween this year. There are already so many beautiful Cleopatra costumes out there, that one shouldn't be hard to find. You can probably purchase one second hand on eBay. I use to have two and sold one of mine on eBay, which was snapped up real quickly. Add a short bob wig or shoulder-length bobbed wig and you're good to go. I love wearing gold makeup, when I dress up. Try using gold eye shadow on your lips. Trust me, it looks beautiful. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Costume

Now these costumes are FUN!  Be a bad ass extraterrestrial superhero! There are some amazing ones to emulate such as Gamora, Nebula, Mantis etc. Throw on some boots, pants, jacket and a wig. The biggest thing will be using face paint to emulate one of the characters.

Bridgerton or Queen Charlotte Costume

Going to a fancy Halloween party? Think about really sparkling in a popular Bridgerton theme. Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte are popular Netfilx series that transform you to another time. I love period pieces. We're all so casual in our everyday life, that dressing up every now and then feels so good. If you go to eBay and search for Bridgerton Dress, then Advanced > Location > US Only. Some options by different sizes should come up (up to 3XL). The prices are not bad as well.

Grease Rise Of The Pink Ladies Costume

As with Barbie, Cleopatra etc. there was also a REVIVAL of the Pink Ladies from Grease. I never watched this series by Paramount+ (which I see has not been renewed), but Pink Ladies were always cool. I dressed up one year to emulate the late Olivia Newton John in Grease. It was fun. This outfit doesn't take much. Wear a skirt (pencil skirt, plaid or solid color, top and either saddle oxford shoes, loafers or tie ups). Buy second hand! You can find some really cute Pink Ladies jackets on eBay. Add some cat eye shades and YOU are going to RULE THE SCHOOL!

Wednesday or Morticia Addams Costume

I love the Addams Family! Netflix's series Wednesday has been widely popular, breathing new life into the character. Channel your dark side by donning a black dress, hosiery, and shoes. If your hair is long enough, sport two braids or just add two braided extensions to your hair. Then, add a prop! Either Thing (hand) or something dark and grim. Feel Wednesday is a little too young for your taste? Be Morticia! Any long black dress will do. Add a straight hair wig. Powder your face. Add red lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara! You're ready for all the ghouls and gremlins.


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