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Saturday, July 1, 2023

OPI x Barbie Nail Lacquer Collection

Not Sponsored: The Barbie Movie is coming to theatres July 21, 2023. There has been a lot of promotion and marketing for this movie. This magical PR seems to be working, because a lot of people who didn't want to see the movie (including me) ... now want to see it (I noticed from people's comments on Twitter one night). 

There are a series of trailers for this movie, and from what I've seen, Margot Robbie is the perfect actress to play Barbie. She seems to get everything right. Her overall look, costumes and persona are befitting of the role. I'm still befuddled as to why Ryan Gosling was picked to play Ken. I remember the Ken doll, and to me Gosling doesn't seem to fit that character. But that's just my opinion. There are a number of other actors and actresses that play various Barbie's and Ken's in the movie. It's wonderful to see diversity in this movie. I always enjoyed playing with my Barbie dolls as a child. I really loved the doll Christie. She was my favorite. I can understand how some people don't like Barbie. There was a time, she was considered aloof and self-absorbed. But I think the brand over the years has done a great job changing her image to show that she has an array of talents. "Barbie" can be anything she wants to be. 

OPI has come out with a Barbie Nail Lacquer Collection (ULTA, Target). There are 8 color shades in the collection. I've listed them for you below, along with the corresponding pictures. This is the perfect collaboration for OPI. I need to update my nail lacquer collection. I haven't purchased any in awhile. So I will be picking up Hi Barbie! It is such a beautiful pink and perfect for the hot Summer we are having. I'm also interested in the shade Bon Voyage To Reality. Don't we wish! LOL I much prefer La La Land over Reality. If interested, those two shades are available in a twin pack. There's a cool topper called Every Night Is Girls Night. It would look great paired with the creme nail lacquers. There's also 2 choices of Press On Nails. It's a really pretty collection with lots of choices.

So don't forget to add a little more FUN into your life! Also add a pop of color to your nails and take in a movie.

Hi Barbie! 

(Hot Pink Creme)

Welcome To Barbie Land 

(Shimmery Pink)

Best Day Ever

(Pink Glitter)

Bon Voyage To Reality

(Nude Pink Creme)

Every Night Is Girls Night

(Irridescent Glitter)

My Job Is Beach

(Blue Creme)

Yay Space

(Shimmery Baby Blue)

Hi Ken

(Bright Yellow Creme)

OPI x Barbie Nail Lacquer Duo Pack

OPI x Barbie x Press On in Barbie Dreamhouse

OPI x Barbie x Press On in Dolls Rule


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