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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Williams Sonoma | Halloween 2023 Sweet Treats

Not Sponsored: This post just might make you have a sweet tooth. If you're looking for specialty Halloween dessert treats, look no further than Williams Sonoma. They've just come out with their Halloween 2023 Food Collection and it is awesome. I've ordered some delicious things from them in the past (1, 2) and they were mummy ... ahem, I mean YUMMY! I think I'm going to order another chocolate, caramel coated apple set this year. I love the idea of Halloween macarons. Those pumpkin paws and caramels are calling my name! HaHaHa And Halloween dipped & decorated strawberries!?! I could go for those as well. I'm in Halloween mode, so look for many more posts focusing on the holiday. Be sure to check out my 2023 Pottery Barn Halloween blog post for some great decorating ideas.


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