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Thursday, July 20, 2023

L'Oreal Magic Root Cover Up Temporary Gray Concealer Hair Spray Review

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Not Sponsored: Do you have gray hair? Do you color your hair? Well shhh! Let me tell you a little secret. I've been coloring my hair since my mid-20s. For me, it's genetic. Everyone in my family has grayed early. So, I've been coloring my hair for a very long time. FYI - I use L'Oreal Excellence in Shade 5 or 4. Lately, coloring for me has become more frequent. Why? I'm taking hair supplements (here, here, here and here). Hair supplements, of course, make your hair grow ... exposing new growth (my gray new growth is very noticeable, so of course ... I don't like that). I don't know why I didn't try L'Oreal's Magic Root Cover Up sooner. I've seen all of the cute commercials Eva Longoria (see video below) did for L'Oreal. There was just something funny to me, about spraying hair color in my hair. So, I would just color my entire head of hair. Well, when the price of a box of hair color went up substantially, I decided to give this a try. I felt it would be a great way to cover gray, in-between my colorings. It was at a great price, during ULTA's 21 Days of Beauty Sale. So I said to myself, this is a great time to try this stuff!


I was unsure, what shade I might need. I definitely knew, I needed something brown. My hair is a dark brown. I didn't know whether to get medium brown or dark brown. So I purchased one can of each. The medium brown shade is dark, but complimented and blended in with the rest of my hair. The dark brown is a little too dark for my hair. So I would suggest picking at least one shade lighter, than what you think you might need. 

I did the above on my own, without researching things. But let me guide you to the smart thing to do. If you go to L'Oreal's Magic Root website, you can find your shade (if you use L'Oreal Preference or Excellence Hair Color). Click on either Black, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown etc and a Find Your Shade Chart will show up guiding you as to what color to pick. I mainly use Excellence #5 and it tells me to use Magic Root in Medium Brown.


Application of this product is really easy. I'm going to suggest some additional things. Before applying, wear something you don't mind possibly getting over spray on (it didn't happen to me, but anyone can make a mistake). You should also put a dark towel (or towel you don't mind getting over-spray on), around your shoulders. Also be mindful of everything around you! You don't want to accidentally spray your walls, chairs, tables etc. So stay clear of all of that. Nothing happened while I applied, but accidents can happen. This IS hair color. Also, I would suggest wearing lightweight disposable gloves. 

The can that contains the hair color is so cute. It easily fits right into your hand. Give it a good shake. It has a precision point applicator. You will love it, because you can target both small and large areas of your hair/head. About 4-6 inches away from your hair, begin to spray. It comes out mainly as a liquid powder. Take one area of your hair at a time. You can use a comb to work it in, but I preferred using my hands (that is why I suggest gloves). This hair color dries pretty quickly. You can do your edges with ease. New roots with ease. If you want to spray your entire head, it should be no problem. You are then suppose to let it dry for 1 minute. Now, some pros and cons that I experienced below:



1. Matches Hair Color Nearly Seamlessly (if you pick the right color)

2. Easily Applies To Edges, Roots, Entire Head (due to the precision applicator)

3. Dries Quickly (but there is some transfer) 

4. Not A Runny Liquid (it's more powder than liquid)

5. Great For Covering Sparse Areas and Makes Those Areas Look THICKER 

6. Washes Out Effortlessly (this temporary hair color easily washes out with shampoo) 

7. Covers Gray's Effectively



1. Don't Touch Your Hair Or Clothes Or Cap/Hat Etc. (Some Transfer) - Unfortunately there is a light transfer. I let this hair color dry for hours. However, when I touched my hair with my fingertips (a simple pat), a little  bit of dark brown hair color appeared on my fingertips. So try not to touch your hair. The reason I say this is because, if you're at work ... and you touch your hair ... then touch paperwork ... or if you're wearing white (cap, dress etc). The smudge could get on those items. Also be careful putting on your clothes after applying this product (put a towel or scarf over your heead).

2. Humid or Rainy Days - I live in New Orleans and it's humid for many months. If you're prone to sweat, will be in a humid environment or if you think you'll get caught in a rainstorm. You might not want to use this under these conditions. I was in the shower (steam) and decided to wash the rest of my body first. I noticed some dark brown coloring around the temple of my face. It wasn't running, but it had come from the color in my hair. That's when I said ... ohhhh ... this might not be good in humidity or rain. So that is my suggestion to you or you might deal with another mess. So I think I can only use this in the Winter months. 

Despite those two things, it's really great. I'm just looking at it from a realistic perspective. L'Oreal, also makes a precision pen. So I think I'll try that next. I hope this review helps you :)


supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
L'Oreal Magic Root Cover Up is Sweet


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