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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Practical Child Safety During The Summer

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The warmer weather is great for getting out with the family, but it can be dangerous. Child safety during the summer should be your first priority when out with the kids. Keeping them cool can be tricky, but UV protection is a massive help. Here are some more tips to keep them safe.

Keeping Them Cool At Home

Just being at home is enough for the children to feel the effects of a heatwave. Playing around the house, running in the garden, and even just sitting still can cause excess heat when the sun is strong enough. Cool air is the first line of defense in summer, so put Ambient Edge at the top of your list to call if your AC is acting up. Good airflow with AC, a cross breeze, and even a fan can make the difference between a family-friendly home or a trip to the emergency room.

Staying Cool When Out

Of course, it is much harder to keep the kids cool when on a family trip. Ice cream and cold drinks will only get you so far, and they aren't the healthiest ways to cool down. Make a note of shaded areas if you are out in the open such as at a theme park, zoo, or local park. If possible, only expose yourselves to no more than 15 minutes of sun at a time before taking cover. Carrying umbrellas and wearing hats will help keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes.

Child Safety During The Summer Includes Eyes

Further to your eyes, this is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to staying safe from the sun. UV rays can cause temporary and permanent eye damage, so you must protect your children's sensitive peepers when it's hot. Luckily, kids love wearing sunglasses, so this shouldn't be too hard. But make sure they are a good quality brand with high UV-A and UV-B protection. If your kids don't like sunglasses, hats and baseball caps are a good alternative.

UV Protection, Of Course

As mentioned, protection against UV rays is essential. And the easiest way to prevent damage such as sunburn is to apply a liberal amount of kids' sunscreen. Make sure you get every inch of skin that is exposed to the sun for the best defense. Some also come with cooling ingredients, which will help with periodic application. Factor SPF 50 and above is recommended. And why not rub some onto yourself while you're at it? You can't help the kids if you are too ill to do so.

Safety When swimming

Who doesn't love a little dip when it's hot? Every summer, families descend on beaches and local swimming pools all over the world to make the most of the sun. In the UK alone, millions of people get out to the relatively small beaches across the country. But the sun can cause issues on these very hot days. Sunscreen is excellent. But for added safety, it helps to buy long-sleeved swimming gear for younger children to protect their sensitive skin from the sun.


Child safety during the summer should be top of your list. Staying cool at home with AC is easy. But you must also protect your kids' eyes with UV glasses and cover them up when swimming.

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