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Monday, July 17, 2023

If You Are A Manager, Read This To Make Your Next Meeting More Effective

As a manager, you are in charge of many things at work. From leading your team to doing your own work and coming together for essential meetings, you have your hands full. Take some of these ideas to help make your upcoming meetings more productive for everyone.

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Offer delicious food.

When you are hosting a meeting, especially an important one that requires attendance, it is always nice to move beyond the notion that people will show up and be happy just because it is mandatory. Of course, they need to be there because it is part of their job, but it is helpful to have everyone on board, in a good mood, and ready to work.

If you are preparing a corporate meeting, especially a breakfast gathering, offering food is the ideal way to set the tone and show your appreciation. This is why having a selection of creative menu ideas for corporate breakfast catering is a great way to start your event planning.

Be sure to poll all of your attendees to determine if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies as part of the process. Depending on your preferences, you can offer a full breakfast with traditional options and all the works or a European offering to keep your team satisfied. Or let them graze over a continental breakfast at their leisure. And always remember to order the coffee, tea, and water because keeping those mugs and glasses full helps satisfy everyone.

Always test your technology in advance.

Nothing is more frustrating or screams ill-prepared than powering up your slide deck only to see a dreaded blue screen. The best way to ensure everything will run properly when it is time to start the meeting is to conduct a dry run.

Either you or your assistant should run through everything from a sound check to lighting and a full review of any slide decks, videos, or other presentations. Make sure this is accomplished well ahead of time instead of only a few minutes before the meeting begins. This is especially crucial if you are hosting a breakfast meeting at a different venue. Contact the staff there to go early to test the equipment.

Find your informal speakers.

A pro tip is to approach one or two people in advance of the meeting. Ask them to speak up, speak out, and participate in the meeting. Try not to ask those one or two people who have valuable things to add but are the ones that always feel comfortable discussing in an open forum.

Finding more people to talk, in addition to the others you already know will be open for a discussion, helps to encourage those who generally do not want to speak or who feel uncomfortable doing so.

Watch this video for tips on how to help others speak up in meetings.

 Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

Take these ideas and make them your own for a successful meeting where everyone comes together for collaboration and conversation every time. Keep your people well-fed with a delicious catering menu, and watch them work together for a positive working event.

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