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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Escaping To The Country? 3 Insights For Rural Home Management

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The idea of letting go of all urban and suburban obligations and starting a new life in the countryside is an appealing one to many. There’s a certain romanticism to it, as heading into the wilderness and being more self-sufficient is often what people think of as the “end goal” of all the work they put in throughout their lives. A beautiful place to call your own, a small community to be part of, and freedom from all the intense corporate and squeezed-in living of the city is certainly appealing.

While this can be true depending on your tastes, it’s also true to say that rural living is a little different to suburban living. In many small ways, you’ll notice differences that you hadn’t expected. For example, the deep darkness of the night can be something to get used to, particularly with little light pollution around you.

Escaping to the country should come with a living guide, then, especially for household maintenance. In this post, we’ll discuss three tips such a manual would provide:

Weather Preparations

Weather preparations are more than just purchasing some sandals and sunglasses to chill in the garden. During the winter, ice may cause your driveway and private road to freeze up, in which case having access to a big bag of pre-purchased salted grit can be very helpful. The same can go for other measures - you may not be very well-shaded in the middle of an open rural area, and so installing a treeline or putting up a carport over your driveway could be ideal. Investing in renewed water runoff measures is also wise, giving you the chance to plan everything as needed.

Pest Access & Control

While it may seem as though the city attracts certain pests like pests more (this is true), rural properties are exposed to all kinds of wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see foxes running around your front porch, for instance, or depending on where you live, perhaps even bears and other animals you have to actually negotiate your access around. However, in the case of your home, using a pest control expert to prevent rats or other pests from occupying the property can be key. In some cases, calling an exterminator can help you put a stop to the issue there and then.

Private Road Care

When you live in a rural area, the roads surrounding your property may not be owned or managed by the public authority. For this reason, you may be on the hook for any repairs you need to make. This could include potholes, damaged tarmac, or even removing fallen trees for access. If others live on the road, it may be appropriate to plan a wider contribution fund where everyone can split the cost of repairs or fixes that may be necessary. Note that some neighbors may be uncooperative, so it’s always best to understand your local community and try to find a majority consensus.

With this advice, we hope your desire to escape to the country becomes just a little more real.

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