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Monday, July 31, 2023

Prep Your Car For A New Baby With These 6 Tips

Are you and your household prepping for a new baby? Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming, whether it’s your first, second, or you consider yourself a pro by now. In addition to preparing the home for a new baby, you’ll also want to get the car ready. The car that you plan to travel around with your new baby should be safe and secure.

Here are a few tips to prepare your vehicle for a new baby:

Image by Pam Simon from Pixabay

1- Clean And Organize

A great first step is to clean and organize your vehicle from top to bottom. Remove all removable seats and carpet protectors. Move the seats back so you can get to harder-to-reach areas. Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle so you can go through everything and decide if it should stay. Consider purchasing a few organizing bins to hold these items.

2- Give Your Car A Deep Cleaning

The next step is to give your car a deep cleaning. Vacuum up all loose debris and scrub any leftover stains. Make sure you get between seats and deep into the corners. You don’t want any loose debris left over. Scrub down all touchpoints and give the seats a good cleaning. In addition to keeping the new baby safe, you’ll enjoy starting fresh.

3- Maintain And Repair

A reliable car is a must with a new baby. Now is a good time to schedule an appointment for any necessary maintenance or repairs. Life with a new baby is busy, so this is a good time to schedule an oil change, tire rotation, or splurge on new tires. Before the new baby arrives, you might also consider replacing any damaged interior materials, like the seats or carpets.

If you already have kids, you may need to adjust the current seating to provide a clear view from the driver’s seat of the new baby. Test out a few options using the rearview mirrors to ensure you have a good view. Test out the areas in the vehicle where the sunlight may hit them the least to help protect them.

4- Childproof Everything

You may have a few months until the new baby is on the move and getting into everything. But, because life with a new baby is busy, it may be worth it to childproof your vehicle before they even come. Put childproof locks on the doors. Place a few rearview mirrors on the back of the headrests so you can easily keep an eye on the new baby. Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges that the baby could touch.

Sunshades and car window tint are other excellent ways to keep your baby safe on sunnier days in North Carolina. Too much sunlight can burn a baby’s sensitive skin. It can also get into their eyes and make them uncomfortable. New babies have a harder time cooling themselves, so too much sunlight can be dangerous. Schedule your auto or home window tinting service before the baby arrives because the extra sunlight just isn’t worth it. You might also consider window tinting the baby’s nursery or any room where they spend a lot of time.

5- Fit The Child Seat

It’s never too early to choose the best car seat. This is also a good time to install the child seat and consider how well it fits in your vehicle. Leave the car seat in your vehicle until the new baby arrives. If the new baby comes early, you’ll have a safe way to get them home. While the car seat you choose is a matter of preference, it’s usually best to avoid used seats.

6- Stock The Car And Home

Stock the car with all the baby essentials you’ll need. Having spares of items can reduce how much you have to pack when leaving home. A few essentials to keep in your vehicle include extra diapers, diaper creams, baby wipes, pain relievers, and ointments. An extra pair of onesies or clothes can also be useful. We also recommend a portable garbage can so you have somewhere to throw used diapers or soiled clothes. Make sure to pack lightweight, loose clothes to keep the baby safe while they’re in the vehicle.

Some new parents may also want to put a ‘new baby’ sign in the back window. This lets other drivers know why you may be driving slower than the speed limit or taking slower turns. It may also prevent other drivers from getting too close to you.

Most expectant parents find that their to-do list is quite long. Narrow down the tasks you need to complete into smaller projects. Spend one weekend focusing on preparing your vehicle for your new baby. Don’t forget to hire a professional to block out the sun to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

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