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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

12 Ways To Work From Home

Are you dreaming of being able to work from home? Perhaps the daily commute is getting you down or your travel and lunch costs are rising monthly. Perhaps your circumstances have changed an you would like to be at home with your family, caring for relatives or looking after your pets. So many people are seeking work from home opportunities now, it is about being flexible and getting that all-important work-life balance right. Whatever your situation, we have go you covered today as we share with you 12 ways to work from home.

The number of people working from home each year is rising as more and more people see the benefits. Remote working is so very accessible these days, with apps like Slack, Sling Time Clock, Skype and Whatsapp, along with good old laptops and phones, enabling you to connect globally whilst staying in your own neighborhood or even in your own apartment. Companies are often happy to accommodate flexible working patterns and home working, and there are plenty of opportunities to work wholly from home. It is these that we are going to focus on in our list today for you, so hopefully we have something to inspire everyone here.

Build An Online Business
There are so many options for building an online business, from affiliate work through to an ecommerce site. you might choose to make your own products and then sell them from your own site, or you could register to sell them on some of the bigger well-known sites, such as Etsy.

Alternatively, you might choose to buy products at wholesale prices and sell them on, and if you go for this option, you will need to consider the storage space that you have available. You could choose to run a dropshipping business instead, whereby you needn't handle the products yourself as they are delivered directly to the customer.

Freelance Writing
There are so many possibilities open to you if you are handy with words. For example, you might be able to write and edit academic textbooks, you could submit articles to magazines and websites or you could work as a copywriter. Copywriting work is wide and varied.

Relevant qualifications can help, but experience and a wide portfolio tend to be more useful in this area.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting
Indulge your love of animals and set up a dog walking or pet sitting service. You can work hours to suit you and only take on clients that your hours will allow you to. If you are flexible, you can offer a pet sitting service in your client's home.

You will need permits to take care of other people's animals so do ensure that you research this befor embarking on a lifetime of cuddles and fun with canines.

Teaching and Tutoring
If you have teaching experience, you could set up your own tutoring business, or work for an established company. You will often be able to tutor in your own home or you might go out to your students homes to work with them.

If you are a graduate, you can look into teaching English as a foreign language. This is often something that you can do using Skype, so you just need a reliable computer.

Blogging is not necessarily an easy route into earning at home, as so many people seem to have jumped onto this one. However, as long as you are aware of that, then do give this one a go as it can be profitable.

It costs very little to set this business up, but it will require a significant investment of time from you. You need to create quality content regularly and work hard to build up your readership and social media followings. Consistency is key and interacting with other bloggers and readers is essential.

You can earn from blogging in a variety of ways, such as carrying advertisements, working with brands and PRs to promote products, experiences and services, placing content, affiliate marketing, and launching your own products, ecourses or ebooks.

If you have an eye for detail and a brilliant grasp of grammar and spelling, then this could be the one for you.

You can take of proofreading work in the comfort of your own home and you will probably get to read a real mixed bag of books, articles and texts. you can work in a freelance capacity, though you will require some level of experience in order to attract clients. You could also work with an agency or employer to ensure a more regular workload.

Ironing and Laundry
If you are one of those people that actually quite enjoys ironing, then there is definitely an opportunity fo ryou here. So many people hate this chore, or they simply do not have the time to get it all done for their household. You can go into their homes to complete this, though most people collect it, do it in their own home, and then return it all.

Virtual Assistant
Businesses are crying out for professional, well-organised help, and with so many businesses now run online, virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular. You could be working on any manner of tasks and it could change every day. You might have several clients, and this is the real appeal for those companies hirings VAs as they need not keep them on their full time payroll, but utilise them when they need to..

Social Media Manager
Many brands now choose to employ a social media manager to run all of their social media platforms for them. You would need to create content, boost engagement, represent the brand favorable and respond across all active sites. You would be responsible for devising campaigns and monitoring them.

This role can often be office based, but often smaller businesses choose to employ someone to work remotely for them. You would probably have a few clients that you would work for each week in this capacity.

If you love children, and perhaps have a background in childcare, then this could be perfect fo ryou. Get in touch with your local authority to find out what regulations you will need to adhere to and arrange relevant inspections.

As people are entrusting you with their children, this is a business that will need to be built up on work of mouth and recommendations, so be patient and enjoy your time with those children.

Audio Typing
You will need to have strong typing skills to make this one worth your while, and if so, this could be perfect for you.

You will usually be transcribing content from court hearings, meetings, minutes and so on and need to ensure that you can do so accurately. You will normally work with a company who supplies you with regular weekly work.

You just need a phone line and computer to get going with this one. Many companies outsource their sales departments in this way so they recruit homeowners.

You are likely to be given a list of contacts and you will be required to log into the system to make sales calls to them. These might be cold or warm leads, it entirely depends upon the type of work you are doing and the company you work for. You might be paid an hourly rate, or receive a commission for leads converted.

Would one of these options work well for you? Do let us know how you get on if you decide to give one a go.
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