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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coola Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 50 Review

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Not Sponsored: I've been using Aveeno body sunscreen since 2014. I thought it was time to try something different, so I purchased Coola's Mineral Body Sunscreen (Anthropologie, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Sephora, SpaceNK). This is a MINERAL SUNSCREEN (chemical active-free sunscreen; great for sensitive skin; provides UVA/UVB protection). You should definitely read-about the differences between chemical (absorbs into the skin) and physical/mineral (sits atop the skin) sunscreen. Coola's Mineral Body Sunscreen has a SPF of 50 (this also comes in a SPF 30 option; the SPF 50 version is water resistant for 80 minutes). It's Fragrance-Free, 70% + Organic, has a Farm to Face formula and offers Plant Protection which incorporates naturally effective and antioxidant-rich nutrients (Buriti Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Extract) to help fight free radicals and nourish and support the skin barrier. Whew! That's a lot! Although fragrance-free, this sunscreen has a fresh scent. The color of this sunscreen is white. It blends really well into your skin, but if you look closely with your naked eye you will see some whiteness (a slight white cast). But you have to look very very closely. Look at the pictures of my hand below ... before and after application. There is a difference in color. I wanted to point that out. Is this sunscreen Hydrating? Nourishing? Its not. That doesn't bother me, because honestly I don't want it to be when I'm out in the sun. Its not heavy, sticky etc either. Is this sunscreen Effective? Yes. It provides effective protection against the sun. No sunburn here (not while I tested it). Coola states this can be used on your body and your face. You can, but honestly I prefer and highly suggest their Sun Silk Drops for face that I reviewed yesterday. This is just a SOLID SUNSCREEN that works. I'm switching to it because my sensitive skin prefers mineral sunscreens over physical ones. Coola also offers a Mineral Sunscreen in a spray, so I'm interested in trying it as well. Plus its offered in a Tropical Coconut Scent :) Overall this sunscreen is effective!

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  Coola Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 50 is Sweet

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