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Monday, July 15, 2019

What Are The Best Months To Get Married?

Since weddings are typically planned up to a year in advance, it’s often important to pick and choose the right season to get married based on your personal tastes and situation. So in this article, we’re going to break down the benefits of getting married during different seasons.

  • Not a demanding season which means you can find some excellent bargains
  • Great balance of sunlight and evening which makes for a great setting
  • Plenty of opportunities in terms of venues

  • Sadly, it can get quite wet depending on your location
  • Guests may get cold at night
  • Autumn weddings tend to be focused indoors

  • Amazing for festive weddings when tied with Christmas or New Year’s
  • You get the chance to take photos with a sunset backdrop
  • Often much cheaper services 

  • Much higher chance of rain
  • Can get very chilly at times
  • Weddings are usually indoors

  • Warm weather with some minor breezes
  • Excellent indoor and outdoor options
  • Not as demanding on suppliers and other services

  • Fairly high chance of rain
  • Temperatures can drop at night
  • Cloudy days can be a problem

  • Very long days with a lot of sunshine
  • Lowest chance of rain
  • Excellent choice of flowers and decorations (we’ve added an infographic below to showcase this!)

  • Can be a little too hot and sweaty for some people especially if you’re in a suit or wedding gown all day
  • Arguably the most expensive season
  • Most popular season meaning it’s difficult to book on short notice

Infographic from Claddagh Rings
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