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Friday, July 12, 2019

Working From Home? Here's How To Stay Secure

Whether you’re an employee or operating as a self-employed freelancer, staying secure when you’re working from home. Although the internet has enabled increasing numbers of workers to undertake tasks from home, it’s vital that they have a secure portal from which to do so. This means securing your hardware physically and protecting your data and software online.

With increasing regulation regarding data security, it’s essential to take proactive measures when it comes to online security. If you’re working from home and you want to stay secure, try these top tips…

Use antivirus software
If you're employed, your employer may supply you with a laptop pre-loaded with their preferred anti-virus software. If so, make sure you keep the software updated and functional at all times. It may even be written into your contract that you maintain a secure device, so be sure to adhere to the terms set out by your employer.

Alternatively, if you’re self-employed or given free rein over your choice of antivirus, choose one which suits your needs. Many people worry that anti-virus software will slow their device down or conflict with other programs. However, there are a variety of advanced anti-virus systems which can be configured to work alongside other software. If necessary, try various anti-virus software until you find one that’s right for you.

Only download from reputable sources
From time-to-time, you may need to download software to carry out certain tasks. If so, you should only download from reputable sources. Hackers may try and imitate big name brands with a view to duping you into downloading malware, so don’t get caught out.

Many users were wary when trying to download Adobe Flash Player for Mac, for example, because hackers were routinely placing false links online. However, instead of following links or pop-ups, visit the Adobe website and download from there. Whilst many sites now operate using HTML5, as opposed to Flash, there are still websites which rely on this software, so it may be necessary for you to install it.

Whilst this is particularly relevant to installing Flash Player for Mac, it applies to any type of software. Whenever you need to install something new, verify the source and ensure you’re getting the real deal.

Keep your workplace secure
Just because you’re working from home, don’t overlook basic physical security measures. Adding a lock to your home office can help to prevent anyone from accessing your hardware, so it’s often advisable. If your home was broken into, for example, a lock on your home office could prevent thieves from getting their hands on your equipment, and accessing sensitive company information.

If you’ve purchased your own equipment for working at home, check whether you’ll need a separate insurance policy or whether your home and contents insurance will cover any losses or accidental damage. However careful you are, it only takes seconds for equipment to be damaged, and having the right insurance in place can minimize replacement costs and ensure you’re able to return to working from home quickly and efficiently.
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