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Thursday, July 11, 2019

4 Dream Travel Destinations

The summer is upon us, so we have been daydreaming about travel and vacations here. There are so many places that we would love to visit, so many wonders for us to see and explore in this world. It’s been hard to narrow them down, but we have come up with our top 4 dream travel destinations, the places that we really want to get to this year.

This one is on so many people’s wish lists, young and old. How many children would love to go and visit Disney World? Or maybe the Florida Keys and their sandy white beaches are beckoning you? Or perhaps you are yearning to rent a yacht in Miami and set sail around Millionaires’ Row? Florida has so many wonderful possibilities, it is no wonder that this one comes up time and time again.

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The food, the art, the music, the culture, the romance, the sights...need we go on? Italy appeals to the romantic in all of us, and it is practically bursting with history that begs to be seen and enjoyed.

Maybe you will head to the canals of Venice for a gondola ride and St Mark’s Square. You can’t fail but to be mesmerized by all of the notes and messages below Shakespeare's famous balcony in Verona. Or perhaps the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is calling to you. Take the time to drink it all in and enjoy some wonderful food whilst you are there.

Situated in North Africa, Egypt is bursting with ancient history and culture. The pyramids are not to be missed and then you might want to cruise down the River Nile, marvel at Mount Sinai and visit The Karnak Temple. You will be spoilt for choice when choosing your must-see sights here and this is without throwing in a touch of relaxation.

Egypt has year-round sunshine, so you will want to factor in some pool time here. Book into a hotel on the shores of the Red Sea and enjoy a little luxury in between all of that culture.

There is something so appealing about England. We know that it is packed with history, with castles and ruins calling out to us. We could visit Stonehenge for a sense of spirituality and wonder, go for the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street in London and then swing by Windsor Castle for a spot of culture.

We could easily spend all of our break taking in the sights of the capital, yet we would want to see the pretty countryside and we must make it to the coast. Rugged coastlines, pretty beaches and quaint seaside towns all sound so tempting, we could spend a month there!

Are any of these travel destinations on your list? Maybe you are planning to visit one of them this year, or perhaps we have got you adding them to your wish list? As long as you make sure that you are traveling safely, then the world really is your oyster, so where will you go first?
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