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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Structuring An Office Move In The Easiest Way

Office moves happen for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you’re finally transferring your home business into something more resolute, or perhaps you need to grow in order to add extra departments and labor to your output. Maybe you can justify it, and you want to be situated in a nicer area. There are all kinds of reasons for this, and provided you can justify doing so financially - your reason is usually valid.

Structuring an office move in the easiest way is something that any business owner can appreciate, no matter if they’re making that first humble move out, or if they’re spending plenty of money on the most luxurious environment possible. Of course, just like a house move, this will take planning, care and a tight schedule. However, thankfully, there are methods you can apply to ensure this goes ahead at the pace you might require, allowing you to ignore the difficulties you’re facing and instead better your output.

For that and more, we would love to advise you regarding the following needs:

Consider Your Transitioning Needs
Transitioning from one address to another can signal great things for the future, and as a result, this can be supremely exciting. However, this is of course never as simple as it may seem. When one department is in flux, all others can suffer. This is why it can be important to port over non-critical services first, and then transition crucial departments over when the setup is complete. However, you might also consider the smaller issues that could post a problem. For example, just when you do you update your contact details? Well, the moment you are fully registered as operating out of that premises is likely when you should consider this. But that means that your physical mail might need forwarding through an expert service like Physical Address, or that you use outsourced support, or simply cut your support queries to only social media for a time.

Clarify To Staff
Staff need to know exactly what is going on, and what is expected of them. When are they to make the transition across? When have you confirmed the location of your move, and what severance packages might you have available to those who can no longer reasonably make that commute? An office move can be a great time of anxiety for some staff, so it’s essential you try and clarify to keep everyone on the same page.

Ensuring Safety
It can be tempting to move into a half-finished office renovation if it’s functional, but remember, you need to absolutely ensure its safety before committing any of your workforce to an office residency. Having the renovation or removal checked through your health and safety department, considering the correct legislation, messaging any changes in behavior that need to take place, and figuring out the new norms is essential. For example, how will you direct and setup your parking utilities, to prevent each morning from becoming a free-for-all between your staff?

With these tips, you’re certain to structure an office move in the easiest manner possible.
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