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Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's The Small Things A Guy Does That Let's You Know He Loves You

Listen, if you are wondering whether the guy you are with is truly the one for you, know this...

It's the small things he does that will let you know he loves you.
He doesn't have to do anything extravagant to prove his love for you, such as serenading you in the park, shouting his love from the rooftops, or taking out giant billboard ads with declarations of affection.

You don't have to make him prove his love by getting him to search here for the finest diamonds, or by asking him to open his wallet when you're at the shopping mall.

While he might still do those things to show that he loves you, as we said, it is the small things you need to look out for.

It's during the moments when you catch him looking at you
You might be sitting together watching television, and you notice his eyes are fixated on you rather than the screen. You might both be with a group of friends, but you might notice he spends more time looking at you than the people you are with. It's during those moments when no matter how full the room is, and no matter how many distractions there might be, he is entirely focused on you, and nothing else will sway him.

It's when he prefers to spend time with you over his friends
You shouldn't forbid your boyfriend from seeing his friends, but when he actively chooses you over them, no matter how attractive their social suggestions are, you know that he probably loves you. He is making you his priority, and when he's sacrificing his time to be with you, despite missing opportunities to hit the bar, play video games, or watch the big game with his mates, then you know that you are the focus in his life.

It's when he actively listens to you
When you're talking to him about your day, he doesn't just nod his head in an attempt to make you think he cares about what you're saying. When you offload your worries and cares to him, he doesn't have one eye on you and the other on his phone. When you speak to him, he actively listens, genuinely caring about what you are saying with interest and concern. He wants to know more about you. He wants to help where he can. He listens to what you say, and down the line he remembers what you have said; another sign that he is probably in love with you.

It's when he shows you he cares about your life
He encourages you to pursue your ambitions in life, even when you consider sacrificing them for him. He supports you in your decisions and helps you think about other options if he's worried you are going wrong. He cares about your health and helps you give up your worst habits. He wants the best for you, and actively takes steps to help you achieve your goals. It's as if you were an extension of him, as by making you feel complete, he feels complete also.

So, don't worry if he hasn't yet bought you a fancy diamond ring. Sometimes, it is the small things he does that truly proves his love, and if any of the above is true in your relationship, then you know you probably have the right guy for you in your life.

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