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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

4 Things A Guy Can Get Wrong When Choosing An Engagement Ring

Some guys get it right when they propose; they go out of their way to make the event monumental. After all, it should become one of the most treasured memories of your entire life. The proposal should set the tempo for the entire marriage. It should be thoughtful, and fundamentally, it should reflect something about your combined personalities.

One of the biggest areas of the proposal to get right is the ring. But there are many ways that a guy can go completely wrong when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring.

Not Doing His Homework
If he’s done his homework, he will know your tastes in jewelry. If you are someone that goes for subtlety, you’ll feel uncomfortable with a large rock and lots of ornate design. He should be paying attention to the rings you own and wear. Thinking about your overall fashion style and trying to match the ring to your tastes.

Not Knowing The Size
It needs to be the right size. He can’t just guess your ring size. Yes, rings can be resized, but that’s not ideal as it means that it will be long before you can show it off.

Obviously, all of your fingers are different sizes, so borrowing a ring that you wear might not cut it, he’d need to know that it fits the right finger.

He could enlist the help of one of your friends. Much easier if they use some sneaky ways to find it out without giving the game away.

The other way would be to use a string around your finger while you sleep, and measure the string.

Not Hiding The Evidence
If he’s going to propose, and allow it to be a surprise, he needs to make sure he hides the ring, the receipts, and any credit card statements away.

If you're the kind of couple that share all of their finances already, he needs to come up with some really good excuses as to where the money has gone, assuming you knew it existed already.

Not Thinking About The Wedding Ring
Your wedding ring will need to sit beside the engagement ring, and the two of them will need to fit together well and look good with each other.

Having an idea of the type of wedding band that you’ll end up getting will be important for him when choosing a ring. He needs to have thought about this major point before buying. If he’s wise, he’ll have a chat with a ring specialist at the jewelers, and get some advice.

Not Paying For Insurance
Engagement rings can be costly, but there are quite a few things that could go wrong with them. They could easily get damaged if they are knocked or caught on something, and you don’t want to lose any stones. The other side to the problem is if you lose the ring ever or it gets stolen. By paying a small amount, he can provide you the peace of mind if something upsetting does happen to your ring.
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