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Thursday, July 4, 2019

How To Customise Your Wedding To Make It Unique

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting. It is the start of another wonderful chapter of your life, and it’s only reasonable that you want to make it unique. Every couple wants to make their dream wedding a reality. However, with the popularity of social media, you may have already seen so many similar themes and you don’t want yours to be just another cliché wedding.

However, it is also understandable that you are confused and can’t decide what to do. You just got engaged and you’re still over the moon about that. So, let this article help you customise your wedding and go over some details such as groomsman gift ideas, bridesmaids, and for your family and other friends. Here are some ideas:

1. The location. There’s always the standard ballroom wedding reception, but for the more adventurous, you don’t have to do “standard.” Ask yourself what you enjoy the most or what has influenced you so much in life, and your partner, of course. If the two of you are beach bums, you should go ahead and have a stylish beach wedding. Perhaps you guys like hiking through the forest—go ahead and find a garden, a park, or an actual forest and have your dream wedding there.
Remember, it is not about your guests. It is about you and your partner. If your family and friends truly want to witness your union, they will go wherever the wedding location is as long as it’s safe, of course.

2. The theme. Having an all-white themed wedding is overrated. Don’t be afraid to put some colors in the reception because it looks beautiful. Your personal style should be visible and felt by your guests. They should leave your wedding reception thinking that everything about it was you and your partner. If you want to showcase your culture and heritage, then so be it. You are definitely entitled to do so.

However, themes are not just all about culture and heritage. It could also be a hobby or something you truly like. If both of you are fond of movies, you should pick a favorite and base your decor from that.

3. The food and cocktails. What can be more interesting than naming all the food that will be served and the drinks to something fun? It could be done by adding a favorite activity, a restaurant, or hobbies. Find that funny person inside of you and, surely, you both will be able to come up with something. You could also brainstorm with your friends. Keep in mind that, sometimes, your friends know you better than you know yourself so they may contribute a lot to the concept. The idea is to make it more personal. Doing this part is fun, relaxing, and reduces the stress of organizing a wedding.

4. Say it with photos. Surely, you and your partner have accumulated a lot of photos in the years that you have been together. Show the guests your story through photos. It could be from the time you met, the funny moments in between, and the moments that led to your wedding. You could show your travel photos if you want to.

Before the wedding day, you could ask a friend who has a photography hobby to do a prenuptial shoot. You could also select a different theme from that of your actual wedding. You can show your more playful side during the shoot so your guests can get to know you as a couple better. Remember that family and friends may not be too familiar with your partner and the same can be said for your partner’s family and friends. This is the time to show them.

5. Gift ideas. Gifts should be personalized. It’s understandable that you may want to pick something your guests may appreciate from a store. However, these gifts for family, friends, and your entourage should be something that will remind them of you as a couple. You would want them to look at the gift a year from your wedding and recognize that it’s from you. There are websites that offer unique gift ideas for weddings that could be personalized.

A wedding is all about you and your partner. You should not worry about stuff that some of your guests might not like. Your wedding should be special to you as a couple. It can be overwhelming because you think you should prepare the perfect wedding, but that should not be so. Sit down, relax, and visualize your wedding. Think about your personality and then of your partner’s personality. How can you combine the two and make it beautiful? When you feel that there are so many people giving advice and their opinion on what a perfect wedding should be, distance yourself and look inside you.
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