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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Why You Should Never Discount Your Ambitions

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You deserve to steward strong ambitions. Of course, don’t artificially force yourself towards them, but if you have a dream, don’t discount it. Too many people believe that they can never achieve their major dreams because they’re not ‘good-looking enough’ or ‘smart enough’ or perhaps not born into the right circumstances. Of course, it might have been easier for Kylie Jenner to release her make-up kit thanks to the family she was born into, but that shouldn’t discourage someone hoping to do the same. Good products should inspire all of us.

You should never discount yourself or your ambitions. This is because most of us only have a few things we would really like to do, and if we tell ourselves we can’t, it can be hard to try and rekindle that fire. This means that in order to actualize yourself, at least considering moving forward in that direction can be amazing. But you might not be sold on those platitudes as of yet. That’s why we hope to go into further detail, and help you begin to soften that hard stance you might take:

You Have The Same Capacity
You have the same hours in the day as everyone else. You are as entitled to confidence in your ideas, the same as everyone else. You can learn skills such as how to manage a team, how to sell your idea and how to talk with designers, the same as everyone else. You have the ability to learn through failure and be humble in your success, the same as everyone else. You can rent commercial property for your business idea and register it in the first place, the same as anyone else. The same business laws that apply to any small business starting out apply to you. When you stop thinking that you are uniquely in a disadvantageous position, you can start looking for opportunities rather than things that can hold you back. A key part of this is realizing that everyone makes mistakes, and while business can be ultra-competitive, being slightly wrong doesn’t necessarily mean the death of your dreams. You’ll likely learn this as you progress, the same as everyone else.

You Never Know How Important You Could Be
It’s important to consider the potential that might reside within you. You might have the talent to keep a team, even under stressful load, together and happy in their work. You might have the best ability to market a product under your name that you really care about. You may have a natural knack for learning business progression and understanding safety policies. You might have an idea that could innovate and revolutionize the industry you hope to be part of. But without trying or stopping early, you’ll never know.

You’ll Always Wonder
It’s much better to try, fail, claw yourself back, try again, succeed, and maybe even fail again than it is to wonder if you could have ever made a go of things. If you don’t, that regret can often last for some time.

With this advice, we hope you’ll be much less inclined to discount your ambitions. Because if you don’t try, how will you ever know?
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