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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How To Reduce The Stress Of Planning A Wedding

The madness of planning a wedding can be problematic for the most organised of people. But it’s important to not let it affect the excitement and happiness that comes with the wedding build up. Here is how to reduce the stress of planning a wedding.

Give Yourself A Break
There are certainly times where planning becomes overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and there can be points where a lot of attention and emotion is required of you, and sometimes that can be too much. So it’s good to give yourself a break and to focus on your mental well-being when needed. Your life doesn’t need to become wedding mode 24/7, so take yourself out of the situation when it feels like too much and distract yourself with something that’s completely unrelated to wedding planning.

Delegate Tasks When Needed
Do you know the saying ‘many hands make light work’? Well, it’s certainly true when it comes to planning a wedding. From sourcing the flowers to the cake, every task needs attention, and sometimes it’s good to hand these tasks to your other half, close family members and friends. For bands, you might want to use so you can find all your choices by area. You might want to get outside help with a wedding planner or wedding dresser. This can help lighten the load that you have to deal with in order to pull off your dream wedding with as little stress as possible.

Keep Yourself Organised
Having good organisation when planning a wedding is essential. Keep track of everything by using a wedding planner in the form of a physical book, where you can make notes, and everything is therefore in one place. Excel spreadsheets can be great for keeping an eye on your budget, and if you need help keeping organised, there’s plenty of online task managers to make life a little easier on you. These are great if you need to send alerts to yourself and reminders about what needs doing.

Talk It Out 
The most important people on the day and for your wedding build up is you and your partner. Planning such a big day can get tensions running high and so it’s always good to talk out. It’s making sure that you never go to bed angry and that if anything is upsetting you, you can talk through it without having to keep quiet and let it fester away into something bigger. You’ll likely have disagreements on seating arrangements or your invitation list, so be adult and talk to each other. 

Planning a wedding can get stressful, and it’s never always going to be plain sailing. However, with that in mind, remember that it’s only just another day. It’s a very important day yes, but if you think about it as a big party, then it’ll feel like there’s less pressure on your head. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to delegate tasks to others when needed. And most of all, have fun!
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