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Monday, January 6, 2020

My 2020 Blog New Year's Resolutions

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Not Sponsored: I completed 4 out of 7 New Year's Resolutions last year. I usually complete all of my goals, but I had ... let's just say, two "sh*t happens" events I had to take care of last year. But I handled them :) So as I was sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, I asked myself do I want to come up with goals AGAIN?!?! I love lists. I love organization. Why not? Its things I want to do! So the first 3 are repeats from last year and I added 3 more to my list. Here we go...

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1. Baking & Cooking: So UPDATE: I finally purchased that Instant Pot I wanted. So I'll be featuring it for baking and cooking. I'm also collaborating with Hello Fresh! They sent me a box this past week and I've already cooked 2 meals. SO DELICIOUS! You get so use to cooking things your way, that it's good to see it from a different approach (and even better). So it's teaching me a lot! Even new techniques. LOOK FOR THAT HELLO FRESH POST SOON :)

2. Reading: I just purchased a new floor and table lamp. I now have time to read. I have a stack of books waiting for me. READ ME KIM! READ ME! I will do reviews soon.

3. Fashion & Runway Pinterest Account: I created a separate account last year on Pinterest. I started it, but it seriously needs filling in. I see this as an ongoing project.

4. Exploring Different Ways To Relax and Prevent Stress: Whether by candles, body wash, spritzes & sprays, creams or machines, look for reviews on various products that promote relaxation and that help with stress.

5. Showcase New Orleans Restaurants: New Orleans has a plethora of restaurants. I've made a list and I would like to feature them on A Very Sweet Blog.

6. Showcase Various Places In New Orleans: I don't feature New Orleans enough! I have some shops and events I would like to cover. It should be fun!

So there you go beautiful people! Short. Sweet. Light & Fluffy.
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