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Monday, January 6, 2020

Online Clean Up: Three Things To Do Right Now

Not Sponsored: Last year, I wrote a blog post called "Social Media Clean Up: Three Things To Do Right Now". This year, I thought I would discuss three things you can clean up online. A sort of digital cleaning! Let's get started!
1. Brand/Store Wish Lists - Last year, I mentioned unsubscribing to (if you no longer patronize that store) brand/store email subscriptions that clutter your email box. Raise your hand if you have an account with Sephora, ULTA, Nordstrom, eBay, Target, Macy's, Kmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. I could go on, but I'll stop there. Right next to every product, is a little heart that you can click. Clicking on that heart will save it to your WISH LIST (for that particular store). I click on those little hearts all the time, but then I forget about the product (some stores will remind you about your wishlist ... ahem Nordstrom). When I re-visit my wish lists from stores, stuff is either sold out ... I don't want it anymore ... or I do want it. So re-visit these wish lists! Clean out things you no longer are interested in or want.

2. Etsy - I Love Etsy! I could've included Etsy above, but its an entirely different "animal". You can favorite both ITEMS and/or SHOPS. Let me take each individually. Just like stores, you can "heart" (favorite/like) any item on Etsy. There are A LOT of cool items on Etsy! I favorite things all the time. These can really pile add up. Clear out those favorites! Usually with Etsy, you're working on a project. It could be a birthday, holiday project etc. Right after the event, clear out those favorites that didn't fit into that project. Also, another tip! Don't favorite (heart) something YOU REALLY LIKE (especially if there's only ONE of that item)! Etsy shows how many people have favorited that item. They may hurry up and buy it if those numbers grow too large. I usually take a screenshot of the item and shop owner's name so I can go back and purchase it (if it is something I really want). With Etsy, you can also favorite SHOPS! These can pile add up as well. You should definitely revisit these from time to time, because interests change. You may no longer need to use that store, because a project is complete. And sometimes (unfortunately) shops are no longer in business.

3. Bloglovin' - This is your blog reading list! These are blogs and/or people (that you subscribe to), where you can't wait to read what they post! Well some people no longer blog anymore. Some haven't posted since the last decade (snicker). You loved the blog when you first "followed", but maybe you're on a different path in your life. You love the blog, but no longer the person. Well that's an entirely different subject. HaHaHa I should tackle that subject sometime. We often neglect this platform. It needs to be cleaned out. Also, if you "GROUP" the blogs you follow, have "LOVES" (those little hearts again) or have made "COLLECTIONS". Take a look at ALL OF THOSE and see if you still want them. CLEAR THEM OUT. UPDATE THEM. Collections, Loves and Followings can be found as drop boxes by clicking on your picture. On the flip side, Bloglovin suggests blogs in a plethora of categories (beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc). Even TOP PEOPLE in those categories. Peruse those blogs. Follow some new ones. It can be refreshing. Do it for yourself in the New Year. Bloggers have a WEALTH of information that they want to share with you. I know I have learned so much since blogging. If you're on Blogger, it also has a reading list! Clean it out. Update your list.

Okay. I think that is enough for right now. On those days, throughout the year when you're bored. These are some great things to do. Clean Out. Organize. Embrace the New.
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