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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Why The Anti-Wrinkle War Is Never Over

As soon as you hit your mid-twenties, you are going to have a new bunch of worries about your skin. Acne outbreaks are finally history – yay for that –, but you suddenly become aware that your skin is developing thin lines if you don’t moisturize properly. For most people, wrinkles don’t get visible for another decade or more, but it doesn’t mean that your battle can’t start early. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that the pinnacle of the beauty industry revolves around anti-aging products. There is no sign that the anti-wrinkle war is ever going to end, and that’s why pharmaceutical companies and the beauty industry need to get smart about their offering.

There are plenty of high-quality products around
Do an experiment. Open your bathroom cabinet and count how many skin creams, lotions, and serums you own to moisturize, smooth, and firm your face. The quest for the perfect skincare product is a never-ending journey. We all have packed our shelves with vitamin C serums, hyaluronic acid, and retinol products for a daily, youthful glow. Innovative technology and research bring new skincare products every day, and we are easily tempted to buy the next generation anti-aging cream! Even if there are already plenty of products, it’s fair to say that we still believe that the next one will be “the one”.

But our lifestyles need more support
With more and more people dealing with a variety of health conditions and lifestyle restrictions, the skincare industry needs to adjust to the growing demand for safe alternatives. Retinol products, for instance, can cause inflammation, which has forced many people to give up on a long-term cure. Additionally, high stress can aggravate skin reactions, which forces companies to develop gentle and allergy-free solutions. Finally, more and more beauty enthusiasts have expressed concerns about the lack of inclusiveness in the anti-aging industry. People who suffer from harsh skin conditions or who need to under long-term treatment such as chemotherapy need to stay away from abrasive products that would otherwise be effective. In other words, there is still a lot of testing and improvements ahead!

We are ready to undergo complex treatments
Ultimately, skincare products are only one of the solutions for a youthful appearance. More and more beauty salons and specialist skincare professionals offer alternative therapies that can activate your skin from within. The cryotherapy, for instance, is a popular approach that consists of sitting in a chamber that is cooled by cryogenic gas. Unfortunately, these chambers are not always easy to access depending on your mobility conditions, which means it’s time the beauty industry engineers inclusive chambers that fit all body types and use non invasive flow meters to control the volume of cryogenic gas safely. The idea is not to make treatment better, but to make them available to everybody.

Our health system is too good
Unfortunately, the main concern about our war against wrinkles is our health system. People are living older. And because they remain in good health, they stay active. Looking old becomes an issue when you remain energetic and healthy.

As we know, there isn’t a real fountain of youth. However, people are not done searching for it. The war against wrinkles is never going to end because, no matter how much care we take of our skin, it’s not looking old that is a problem. It’s getting older altogether. Perhaps all we need is some therapy to help us to feel happy in our aging skin!
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