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Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Ultimate Checklist For People You’ll Need During Your Wedding Planning Season

Wedding days are all about the happy couple. But while all eyes will rightly be on you, it’s important to remember that the newlyweds aren’t the only keep people in bringing the big day to life!

In fact, there’s a long list of people that you need to consider before, during, and after the event. With our ultimate checklist at your disposal, building the perfect team becomes easy. In turn, you can focus on actually enjoying the happiest day of your lives. You could not ask for anything else.

The Best Man & Maid Of Honor
Deciding on your best man and maid of honor isn’t always an easy task, especially as you don’t want to upset anyone. However, you need responsible people that have the right personality traits. After all, they’ll have a huge role to play during the preparations while also providing support on the big day itself. This can be particularly important if you have an emotional wobble or feel stressed.

These people will probably arrange the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Likewise, they’ll need to be in close conversation as to ensure the big day runs smoothly. Their organizational skills will also help you get to the venue and ensure that al key items like the rings are kept safe. When you find the perfect choices, it’ll provide a solid platform to build upon while also putting your fears to bed.

The Guests

When planning your wedding, it’s not only the top table guests that need consideration. The wedding day is a time to be shared with your nearest and dearest. However, you need to respect that they are taking time out to celebrate with you. Therefore, giving them plenty of warning with a save the date card is crucial. Crucially, it shows that you appreciate their effort.

Furthermore, it reduces the threat of them having prior engagements. The guests deserve your attention during the planning too. Whether it’s providing a small welcome gift or adjusting your menu to their needs is up to you. Either way, going the extra mile to keep your guests happy will boost the atmosphere on your big day. This positivity will make the wedding even more magical.

The Wedding Planner
Not everybody needs a wedding planner. And those that do may only require a limited service. Still, their sense of organization and scheduling can ensure that all aspects come together perfectly. Even when you have your eyes set on a wedding venue or theme, their contacts and powers of negotiation can often save you money in the long run.

Their knowledge of the latest trends and creative mindset can help you build the perfect vision and bring it to life. You don’t have to take their suggestions on board, but having an extra pair of eyes on the job can tie up the loose ends. Above all else, knowing that you have a professional taking care of issues will enable you to relax and focus on other tasks at hand.

The Tailors
There is no escaping the fact that the wedding dress is the most important outfit a woman ever wears. Likewise, the groom’s suit should make him look a million dollars. Looking good makes you feel good while also enhancing all of your wedding photos. In truth, a quality wedding outfit tailor is one of the most significant people that you’ll encounter in the wedding preparation season.

Their reputation and range of garments are key features. However, you must also ask about the prospect of alterations. After all, you may lose weight as part of your “get fit before the wedding” regime. Or you may decide to incorporate something additional nearer the time. Knowing what’s possible, as well as what’s included in the price, will serve you well.

The Hair & Beauty Expert
The good news for the groom is that a trip to the barber’s a day or two before the wedding should suffice. However, the bride-to-be will probably need a little help on the morning of the big day. Even if you’re a beautician yourself, keeping a steady hand at this time would prove to be very tough. Besides, this should be your chance to relax before the hectic last hour before walking the aisle.

You can still check the hairstyles and bridal looks that are currently on trend to make your decisions. A haircut or styling may need to occur a few days in advance, ready for the final tweaks in the morning. When bride and groom feel confident while exchanging their vows, every aspect of the day will become a little more magical. This makes hair and beauty experts a key investment.

The Chauffeurs
Looking perfect as you leave the hotel is one thing, but maintaining that appeal as you make the big arrival is another altogether. The chauffeurs will be tasked with getting the bride and groom to the venue (separately), with their key guests. Depending on the location of the wedding venue, it may be necessary to put on a bus or form of transport for the other guests.

As well as finding reputable and punctual drivers, it’s important to consider the mode of transport. Some people love the thought of a classic car. Others want a convertible or a horse and carriage. It is important to consider the costs as well as the weather. No bride or groom wants heavy winds or rain to ruin their looks. There’ll be plenty of time for happy tears to ruin the eyeliner.

The Official
Getting married is a major moment in your life. In the eyes of the law, as well as your God (if you have one), this changes everything. As such, finding a priest (or equivalent depending on your religious background) to conduct the ceremony is vital. Given their importance, though, you must get this decision right. Otherwise, it can disrupt the ceremony, photos, and more.

The officiator needs to look the part, conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, and keep the happy couple at ease. With the right person to take control of the proceedings, you’ll be less stressed ahead of the day. Crucially, the ceremony itself will pass in the most effective and happy manner. Quite frankly, this is the least you deserve on your big day.

The Caterers
Organizing the ceremony should be a personal endeavor. Aside from personal tastes, you may need to celebrate two different cultures. The actual wedding is only a part of the day, though. Sharing your first meal as newlyweds, while joined by your nearest and dearest is one of the most special moments. Therefore, choosing the right catering team is a pivotal decision.

The venue may provide an in-house team. If not, you must know what to look for in a catering team. They need to specialize in your chosen cuisine. Likewise, they need to show a little versatility. Timing and presentation are key features too. Samples are a key feature too, as this gives you a chance to confirm that it’s what you want.

The Photographer

Your wedding day will be truly magical, but it will inevitably pass you by at a rapid rate. Therefore, finding the perfect wedding photographer to capture the magic forever is one of the best things you can do. From the pre-wedding excitement to the ceremony and evening of fun, the photos will become your favorite mementos. The anticipation of seeing the photos is incredible too.

Some couples also hire a videographer for the big day. Thanks to smartphones, creating a social media filter can encourage guests to take shots. These will provide an insight into their experiences of your big day. Another way to do this is through buying disposal cameras for the guests. This will ensure that the magic of your day lasts a lifetime, and offers an instant pick-me-up when you’re down.

The Entertainers
After a magical day with your new spouse and closest friends, the evening is a time for fun, fun, fun. However, many wedding parties struggle to get the atmosphere started. These examples of entertainers can soon change that. When the energy starts building while guests let their food settle, it should remove any slight awkwardness.

The entertainment can be a great way to reduce the pressure associated with your first dance too. Above all else, it’s another wedding day highlight that’s sure to live long in the memory. For the best results, you can try to link it to your journey as a couple. For example, the wedding singer could play songs that carry sentimental meaning. Their impact on the night can be huge.

The Final Word
All of the above people are there to make your big day feel even more magical and special than you ever thought possible. Make the right decisions regarding their services and pay attention to the needs of your nearest and dearest for optimal success. The wedding day of your dreams awaits, not least because you’ll have supreme levels of calm and confidence.

Oh, and one last thing: congratulations!
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