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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Archipelago Botanicals Oat Milk Sugar Scrub, Milk Body Wash, Oat Milk Body Lotion and Milk Lip Balm Review

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Not Sponsored: I was introduced to the brand Archipelago years ago (before blogging). I went to this hair salon that carried some "sophisticated" luxury brands and Archipelago was one of them. Luxury brands nor their prices persuade or phase me, because I've had some products that worked and some that did not work. I fell in love with Archipelago's Oat Milk Body Lotion and have been using it ever since. Since that time, they've expanded the products they offer exponentially. In the past, I've reviewed Archipelago's Coconut Body Wash & Lotion (body lotion) here on AVSB. I purchased some more products from their Milk Collection and want to share my thoughts with you below.

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Archipelago | Oat Milk Sugar Scrub - Sweet
I'm really particular about body scrubs. I've found that either they're too harsh or don't do enough for my dry and sensitive skin. I've tried many and the only one my skin loves is Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub. Well now I can add another body scrub to my list! Archipelago's Oat Milk Sugar Scrub really gets the job done. Dry, it's an excellent exfoliator. With the addition of water, it turns into a creamy milk consistency that drenches the skin with moisture. Anyone with DRY SKIN, will love the way their skin feels after using this scrub. If your body produces more oil, I don't think you will like this scrub. I think it would be too much for you. Also, I would use this scrub in the winter months. I tested this on one arm and could immediately feel the difference (softness & moisture) between the arm I used it on and the one I did not. I love its clean scent as well. This scrub contains dried milk solids, oat proteins, raw sugar and shea butter. This scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and toxins.

Archipelago | Milk Body Wash - Supersweet
I'm so happy Archipelago came out with a Milk Body Wash. It has that same clean, fresh scent as all their products! It gives you a great low lather. It's creamy. It feels good to the skin. Its moisturizing. It contains dried milk solids, soy, oat and rice proteins. Its another great product for dry skin, but I see any skin type enjoying this body wash.

Archipelago | Oat Milk Body Lotion - Supersweet
This is the product that started my love for this brand. I love their OAT MILK body lotion (first discussed here). I have OAT MILK in caps because they also have a Soy Milk Body Lotion option. I tried the Soy Milk body lotion years ago, but my dry, sensitive skin really liked the oat milk version better. The lotion is smooth, white and creamy. There's no perfume scent. Its clean and fresh. This lotion will hydrate and moisturize your skin. It sinks into the skin. There's nothing oily, greasy or heavy about it. I do prefer using it during the winter months. My other favorite lotion, that I use during the Spring and Summer months is Farmhouse Fresh's Sweet Milk (here).

Archipelago | Milk Lip Balm - Sweet
I've reviewed a lot of lip balms. Consistently Fresh Beauty, Burt's Bees, Drunk Elephant and Sara Happ are usually the winners in my book. So what about Archipelago's Milk Lip Balm? It's really good you guys! It's creamy. It's hydrating. I want you to know, it will not leave your lips WHITE in color (it's clear). It's a heavier lip balm, so its great to wear during the Winter months. I can only see you applying a liquid lipstick over this lip balm. Lipstick would conflict with it. It's so hydrating that you could also use this as a nighttime lip treatment. There's also no taste.
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