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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Make Better Choices Today For a Healthier Tomorrow

The way you live today and the choices you make can have a huge impact on your life in the future. Want to stay as happy and healthy as possible? Here are three things to consider.

Look after yourself from a young age
When you’re young and carefree, you can get away with a lot without it seemingly having any impact on your health. You can drink a ton of alcohol and hardly have a hangover the next day, you can stay up late and get up early for work, and you can eat junk food and barely gain a pound. The joys of being young! However, this won’t last, not only will your poor lifestyle start affecting how you feel later on, but it could be doing all kinds of hidden damage in the here and now. Don’t wait until you feel the effects of poor health before you make a change, start young, and look after yourself right now. Make a healthy lifestyle fun- travel, do lots of fun activities and sports, get in the kitchen and learn to cook delicious, healthy meals. Build up your reserves of vitamins and minerals, things like calcium need to be added to over the course of your life to store in your bones and prevent weakness and osteoporosis later on. With all of this being said, whatever age you are, make positive changes today. You don't need to miss out on having fun, enjoy the wine with friends at a party or the occasional slice of chocolate cake, life's for living and doesn't need to be perfect. Just aim to live and eat healthily, the majority of the time.

Attend your health appointments
You don’t need to wait until you feel unwell to seek help, being proactive about your health means catching many problems before they start. It’s why regular eye tests, dental checkups and an annual doctors visit are advised. A quick check over can tell you a lot, and catch any issues at the earliest stage. Take cancer for example, it can affect anyone at any time in their life and doesn’t discriminate by race, religion or gender. Research shows that one in two people will develop it at some time in their lives so for this reason, it’s so important to attend all of the cancer screenings you’re invited to. If you are a woman, your screenings will usually be cervical screening up until age sixty-five, and breast screenings from your mid-forties to seventy. For men, it's prostate screening and sometimes colorectal screenings starting at around age fifty. There are great cancer treatments these days, whether it involves going to a Oklahoma Proton Center, having chemo or radiotherapy, many people do beat it. But it’s still incredibly scary and serious, catching it at the earliest possible stage is crucial.

Think about your safety
Accidents happen, sometimes it’s just an unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, sometimes dangerous incidents could have been avoided completely with just a little common sense. Many people seriously injure themselves doing silly things like falling off chairs they shouldn't be standing on, with power tools or equipment they don't properly know how to use.  Always take your safety seriously, and stay alert and aware when it comes to any dangerous situations.
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