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Thursday, January 16, 2020

How To Plan The Perfect Family Event With Ease

When it comes to making the most out of celebrations, you want to make sure you have got all of your bases covered, especially for significant events such as family birthdays, anniversaries, or Thanksgiving. Of course, every family is different, and you want to celebrate in a way that is special to you and not just because other people are doing it. After all, it's about being together and making memories over how much you have spent.

These days a lot of families communicate via family chat groups on messaging platforms so everyone can keep up to date at the same time. It is an excellent way for everyone to find details of family events easily and be kept in the loop.

By sharing as much information as possible with everyone, you can get them all on the same page when it comes to arranging times, dates, themes, locations, activities, food, or anything else you need to discuss.

This is the perfect time to discuss contributions if you aren't footing the bill yourself.

Create A Budget And Stick To It!
Firstly, make sure everyone is in agreement on how much will be spent and how much they are contributing before you part with your own cash if this is a collaborative effort.

Don't be tempted to go overboard if you can't afford it. Look for ways to keep costs down if you have a limited budget, such as making your own decorations for party favors if you are having any.

Write a list of everything you will need so you have enough then, create a budget for each item. Shopping for bargains out of season is a great way to some extra bucks.

If you are hiring people to take care of certain aspects such as food for you or venue decorating - then make sure you have these funds separate and ready to pay when the time comes.

Choose A Theme.
Do you have a specific theme you want to be carried out through your celebration? If it is a seasonal one such as Easter, then you can look at buying matching family Easter t shirts to add some fun to your egg hunt!

The same goes for party themes - do you want a fancy dress party or a particular style? Arranging this beforehand and in plenty of time will make it easier when it comes to buying decorations and accessories, and also for people to get an appropriate outfit too, of course!

Make It Personal
Add those little finishing touches to the event. Disposable cameras always go down well, especially if you aren't hiring a photographer, as does placing memory books in the venue for people to leave their thoughts.

When it comes to personal decor, how about placing pictures on tables - for example, - if you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, put copies of wedding photos in small frames on people tables with little handwritten anecdotes about the couple. This could be from themselves or from others.

Details such as adding initials or birthday age to icing on cupcakes, balloons, confetti on tables can all help pull your event together with those little extra finishing touches.

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