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Monday, January 13, 2020

Forget Resolutions, You Need January Care

New year, new you, that’s how the saying goes. However, before you start making plans to transform yourself and achieve your new goals, you need to focus on something important. You need to put yourself first. Indeed, while changing year is as easy as turning a page in your diary, your body is not ready to start at 100% of its capacities. Ultimately, the Christmas period can affect your health in many ways. Before you embrace all the dreams you have for 2020, you need to focus on some of the most commonly overlooked health issues of January.

Indoors excesses leave a mark
Ah, who doesn’t love spending the Christmas holiday with their relatives? Sure, siblings, parents, and cousins can be stressful at times, but you love them, and they love you. You’ve shared a few drinks together over the holiday, indulged in long evenings in front of the open fireplace chatting about everything and nothing, and overall enjoyed each other’s presence. While this sounds lovely, the combination of alcohol and indoor heat – through the fireplace or the heating system – can dry out your skin dramatically.

Additionally, if you’ve relaxed in a few too many bath bomb baths, you might find that your usual moisturizer can’t help you with the issue. It’s a good idea to invest in a professional ointment cream that can help to hydrate your skin in depth. Make a note to increase your water intake in January to give your skin cells a little extra moisture!

You need more vitamins
Everybody knows about salads and smoothies, but you might have forgotten a little bit about your healthy diet at Christmas. After all, it’s the season to indulge. Comfort food is a must-have in winter, from delicious pasta dishes oozing with cheese or a simple hot chocolate after a long day. Unfortunately, while comfort food gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, it doesn’t help your body fight off the January flu. While changing your diet is a good idea – more about it later –, for the time being, you’d benefit from adding a few vitamins to your routine. Multivitamin supplements can do wonders for your metabolism.

Make time for outdoor fun
Granted, it’s cold outside. Outdoor activities, contrary to the common beliefs, keep you happy and healthy. If you live in a snowy area, spend an afternoon skiing or snowboarding, for instance. Going for a walk in the park during your lunch break can have the same effect, even if it doesn’t sound as exciting. You need to beat the winter blues, and for that, you need to expose your skin to direct sunlight.

Your stomach needs some love too
Last but not least, January marks the end of Christmas indulgence. In other words, you need to keep the yummy snacks at bay and bring back some fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. After a period of delicious treats, going back to your typical healthy eating habits can be tricky, but your stomach will be grateful for all the natural fibers and proteins. Additionally, you have to remember that both your immune system and your mood starts in your stomach. A healthy tummy means a healthy you.

It’s a good idea to postpone your New Year’s resolutions until you’ve got your body back to 100%. If it means starting with your 2020 goals only in February, then so be it. Your health is worth the delay!
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