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Friday, January 17, 2020

Dreammoods: Dream Interpretation

Not Sponsored: So you guys know, for 2020 I've been trying products that promote relaxation, sleep and de-stressing. There's nothing like getting a good night's sleep. Remember to Google The Stages of Sleep or Sleep Cycle. Deep Sleep is really important to awake rejuvenated and refreshed. When you get a good night's rest, you most likely will DREAM! The thing with dreams is trying to remember them. At least the key aspects or things you see in your dreams. If I can remember my dream by morning, I try and write down what I remembered from the dream. An online resource that I use to help me decipher or interpret my dreams is called Dreammoods (they also have an app for your phone). I've been using it for years now. It gives me insight as to what my dreams mean. For example: If you dream about a cupcake, the Dreammods website says " To see or eat a cupcake in your dream suggests that you are treating yourself to a little sweet reward. You feel that you are deserving of some sort of gift or prize. Alternatively, a cupcake represents your need to downsize some aspect of your life in order to make it more palatable or manageable. Take it a little bit at a time". Isn't that cool? So again, what do you see in your dream? Write down everything and then look those words up on the website. They also have a dream bank, common dreams and dream information (history of dreams, facts, types of dreams etc). There are other websites that do this, such as dreampedia, dream bible etc. but I've always liked dreammoods. I hope this little post helped. Start deciphering those dreams ;) They do mean something ;)

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