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Monday, January 13, 2020

4 Ways To Dress Designer For Less

There’s something very appealing about dressing in designer clothes, the quality of garments, the prestige of the labels and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re adorned in items at the top of the fashion industry. Sadly, designer items don’t come cheap, pricing many people out of getting that designer feeling but if that sounds like you then you’re in luck because there are still a few ways you can dress designer without breaking the bank.

1. Auction sites
When it comes to buying designer items for less, your best bet is finding good quality second-hand pieces whose owners no longer want them. One of the easiest places to find designer wear is online through auction sites such as eBay, where you’ll find everything from bags to shoes, sunglasses to belts, you name it, it’s probably listed on eBay and as an auction site, there’s a chance that you could get it for a lot less than you may think. Just be aware that when purchasing designer items through auction sites there’s always the chance that the items sold may not be genuine, so keep an eye out for sellers with good ratings and who have the original box or proof of purchase for the item.

2. Charity shops
Another great place to find designer items for significantly less than their original price tag is in charity shops and what’s more your money will be going to a good cause too. Shopping in charity stores can be a bit hit and miss, but half of the fun is in the hunt, and when you do stumble upon a bargain the thrill is exhilarating. Stock turns over relatively quickly in charity stores so be sure to pop in regularly to get a hold of the best quality items or consider volunteering yourself to get first picks.

3. Specialist second-hand retailers
With the market for second-hand designer goods growing there are now more online stores than ever branching out into selling pre-loved items, such as luxury jewelry retailer, Gray and Sons. These stores assess second-hand stock to ensure that it is genuine, restore it to its prime condition then sell it on so that another person can enjoy it just as much as its original owner. Buying from second-hand retailers is a good option for those looking to buy more expensive designer items as there is more assurance that the item you are purchasing is real and many providers also offer a warranty.

4. Rent designer
Finally, there’s a new trend emerging in the fashion scene - the option to rent designer clothing. Renting clothing enables people to enjoy the joys of wearing current season designer clothing to special occasions at very reasonable prices before returning them back to the vendor to be cleaned and worn by someone else. Renting designer clothing is a great option for those who want more to be seen in this season’s styles or for those who want to try lavish and very expensive pieces such as Christian Dior ball gowns which would usually cost tens of thousands to purchase new.
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