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Monday, January 27, 2020

I Thought Home Renovations Were A Nightmare Until I Found Block Renovation

I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who absolutely hates the thought of home renovations. Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of them, but I’m no expert. So when my best friend in New York called me fretting over re-doing her bathroom, I vowed to help her find a solution. She and her partner haven’t touched their bathroom since they moved into their place ten years ago.

In an effort to keep her from getting overwhelmed by the lengthy process, I began researching everything from contractors, to what kind of permits she’d need (I’ve always been the organized one in our friendship!) After reading through one of my favorite interior design blogs, I stumbled across Block Renovation.

After a little more digging, I saw that Block is a service that helps with the entire process of renovating your bathroom or kitchen. I told my friend about it, and she agreed that having someone else help with all of the madness sounded great, but was sure it would be super expensive, and worried most of the organizing would still fall on her.

Since Block offers a free online quote, I encouraged her to check it out. She called me a couple of days later telling me she was pretty surprised to learn a couple things-

Clear estimate, fast! After they quickly inputted their details online (what type of room, kind of building, square footage, etc), she spoke to a Block project planner and received an estimate shortly after.

A dedicated project planner. After sending images of her space, she worked with a hands-on project planner that conducted a site survey to get a better idea of what needed to be done, including permits and co-op board approval.

Seeing the design. She has been working closely with a designer that created a 3D rendering of their new bathroom, so that she would know exactly what it would look like before making a decision.

Project Speed. The break ground date is much quicker than expected. They're relieved that the Block team will handle everything, from coordinating deliveries of materials, to setting them up with a vetted, certified general contractor.

Peace of mind and wallet. The project is shaping up to be more affordable than they expected, even more valuable has been not having to coordinate the whole redesign saved them tons of time and headache. A lot of this would have landed on me anyways so I’m thankful.

I'm so happy I could help my friend with this by finding Block Renovation. She is super excited and having so much fun picking the tiles and fixtures! I can't wait to pay them a visit and see the end result. All of her excitement is making me want to redo my bathroom…... When will Block come to New Orleans?
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