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Thursday, January 23, 2020

3 Tips For Booking A Family Vacation

It feels like everyone is thinking about those warmer, sunnier months at the moment, and it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular months for booking vacations. If you are starting to think about yours, then here are our 3 tips for booking a family vacation.

There should be one leader
Let’s get this one out up front. You should get everyone involved with your trip, of course, but then there should only be one leader. One of you (and given that you are reading this, it is probably going to be you!) will be responsible for doing the legwork on this one.

The reason for this is simple, it is more efficient to do it this way. There is no point in both of you working on this as the chances are that you will both end up covering the same ground. You will also both approach it differently, and it makes more sense to just have one of you working through it in your own methodical way.

You will want to check in with everyone else, but take the lead and get the research and organization completed alone.

Ensure that the vacation is suited to everyone
You need to ensure that the vacation is suited to everyone, so this is all about research now.

Start by making a shortlist of the destinations that you are most interested in visiting, then make additional notes about what you want from your holiday, such as the type of accommodation or activities that are available to you. Think about what each member of your family likes to do on vacation, and check that those boxes are ticked.

You might settle on a family trip to El Nido or it might be a cruise around South America, just check in with everyone else that you are making the right choice here.

Along with looking at destinations, resorts and activities available, you will want to get some real life feedback on it all. Take some time to look at trip reviews, customer feedback and drop into some forums if they are available to you. You will find that there are often Facebook groups for the more well-known vacation destinations, or you could put a tweet out on Twitter inviting some feedback.

Give yourself time to shop around
Now that you have completed your research and everyone in your family is happy with the vacation that you want to book, it is time to shop around.

Whether you are looking into Borneo Eco Tours or a package trip to Europe, there will be a range of options available to you and you will find that offers run at certain times throughout the year. You might want to price up the flights, accommodation, food, transport and activities separately, or you might prefer to use a tour operator that can arrange all of that for you.

Weigh up costs versus service and convenience and then you can book with confidence that you have explored all options and found the best deal for your family.
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