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Monday, January 13, 2020

Harry, Meghan and The BRF: Why Did The Cookie Crumble?

Not Sponsored: I remember watching Princess Diana's wedding when I was a little girl. I sat on the floor in front of the television set and watched the royal wedding with little girl's eyes. I saw a princess in a beautiful wedding gown, marrying a prince. I thought they were perfect. As years passed, we found out that fairy-tale was not perfect. Far from it. There was a problem. What was the problem? Charles loved someone else (Camilla); and Camilla loved him. That was FACT. Their love for one another, despite what the BRF (British Royal Family) may have wanted for Charles brought him and Camilla back together again. Let me interject that my degree is in science. I believe in FACTS over SPECULATION. When you have something concrete (factual), you can come up with better solutions. When people speculate, things usually get messy and all over the place. That one problem, created more problems for both Charles and Diana. It created a lot of unnecessary hurt. But that usually happens when you're not honest, hiding, and/or disguising things. It never ends well. I loved Princess Diana! I loved her style. I loved how she nurtured others. I was rooting for her to find love again and enjoy life. I was devastated the night of her demise (as so many others).

When Diana passed, that transfer of hope was poured into her son's William and Harry. People wanted them to grow up happy and healthy. I wasn't really concerned about William, but was more concerned about Harry. He displayed a lot of "acting" out and I hoped he would get beyond those situations. I always rooted for him, because he was always up against William being the "perfect" one and he the "flawed" one. But I loved Harry because he had so much personality! He could dance. He had fun. He connected with people. I started worrying about William, because although very cordial and nice, I couldn't get a true reading of what William was really like. To this day, I see William as serious and that's great but what is his overall essence? I can't figure it out. Well William got married. Harry dated. I loved their brotherly relationship. Both I felt grew up to be fine young men. I felt this was going to be great for the monarchy moving forward. It was something POSITIVE to look forward to. I felt it was needed.

It's funny, but when Harry was traveling the world... my mom said, "Kim, Harry is going to marry a woman of color". I looked at her! I said, "a black woman?" She said, "Not necessarily, but I think she will be a woman of color." I just looked at her and smiled. I couldn't see it. He had given no hint to it from the previous ladies he dated. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him dating Meghan Markle. I knew nothing about her. Who is this Meghan? I thought she was pretty. I loved the way she dressed. I found her very progressive. She was a college graduate. I read some passages from her blog, The Tig and found them delightful. She connected with charitable organizations. A strong actress? NO, but watchable. But she and Harry seemed good for one another. I saw a connection. Personally, I related to her (I even started a Meghan Markle Pinterest Board that followed both her style and engagements). As a black female, I related to her. Just to digress a little, I remember watching actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a short-lived television series called Undercovers. In the show, she and her tv husband (Boris Kodjoe) spoke several languages, were married, had careers and both were respectively handsome & beautiful. The show lasted ONE SEASON! As a black female I was devastated. It was enjoyable and refreshing to see such an accomplished black couple portrayed on tv. It was heartbreaking to see it pulled. I could careless who Harry married. I just wanted him to be HAPPY!

I watched Harry and Meghan's whirlwind engagement, wedding and awaited the birth of Archie! I wrote about them here and here. I received a lot of negative comments about Meghan and the BRF on those posts. I deleted those comments. I thought they were so mean. Everyone has the right to their opinion and there will be people that you don't like, but I found the comments very harsh. People that I knew from blogging stated they didn't like her. Some didn't like the BRF. I can understand how some people dislike the BRF, due to Edward VIII's connection with Hitler. There's rumor the Queen Mother wasn't keen on black people. Etc. I've heard those things as well, but I try to take each member (person) and judge them individually. Just because you have a group (unless its a group like the KKK) not everyone is bad necessarily. Then another blogger I knew, because I always declared my LOVE FOR LONDON on the blog, stated that London was very prejudice. Again, I wouldn't know! I've never been there, but bloggers that I met online were always VERY NICE to me. One sent me a figgy pudding and mince pie all the way from London. Another sent me some Downton Abbey beauty gifts from Marks & Spencer. And even today, nearly all of the sponsored blog posts I post on AVSB come from an agency in England. They are very nice to me. Now, I know I'm not living in a dream world. Of course, there are people there that are prejudice. One time I tweeted I wanted to go there and some man replied that I should stay in the States. HaHaHa So just like anywhere in the world, there are mean people. I felt for Meghan when a paper wrote Straight Outta Compton. Another referred to Archie as a chimpanzee. A distant member of the RF wearing a racial brooch. I could go on, but we've heard about all of them. Harry stood up for her each and every time. Her dad's side of the family, constantly complained. I loved the way Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle. From my eyes, the immediate RF looked like they accepted Meghan. I saw this as WONDERFUL. I truly felt the monarchy would strengthen in the coming years and decades.

So that brings us to today's NEWS! The "step back". The we don't want any "financial assistance". The we don't want to live there all the time. WHAT HAPPENED? There's LOTS OF SPECULATION, but do we truly know? No. None of us do. It's not as clear as Diana's situation, where another woman was involved. Diana was able to get her message out to the public via tapes, interviews, books, pictures etc. WE UNDERSTOOD WHY DIANA WAS UNHAPPY. We only have speculation with Meghan, Harry and the BRF. When the Queen gave her Christmas message and Harry & Meghan's family picture wasn't included I knew there were some major problems ahead. It's funny, everything with the BRF is PUBLIC except when things like this happen which become very PRIVATE. I always give a side-eye to anyone that tries to conceal, cover-up and hide things. WHAT TRULY HAPPENED? Whatever the problem, I think it went on too long (and nothing was properly done when the problem began). If it started with Harry, Meghan and William it should've been dealt with then and there. EVERYONE has been giving fragmented statements about discourse and displeasure, yet nothing defining. You can't resolve anything that way! Now everyone wants to go their separate ways! No matter which way any of them go... the problem will follow them. Because the problem hasn't been properly resolved. Sweep dust & dirt under a rug and the dust & dirt will remain. Something can be very pretty, but also have cracks. And where there are cracks, expect things to eventually crumble. Who will crack and crumble? Time will reveal. The truth will be revealed. The truth rises to the top. Lies fall apart and crumble.

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