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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020! Happy New Decade!

Not Sponsored: Happy New Year Everybody! I hope your celebration was bliss :) I had a quiet, peaceful and tasty New Year's celebration at home. I finished tidying up and making sure everything was in order in my home. I will have to show you what I do to prepare for the New Year.  I prepped food for my New Year's meal. I purchased some New Years Eve cupcakes from Williams Sonoma (to start the year off sweet). I loved the bubbly champagne glasses and gold 2020's on each one. I also enjoyed a couple of glasses of Cupcake Vineyard's Moscato. I love Moscato and there's is really good. On New Year's Eve, I also like to light candles and reflect on the year that is going out. I had a really good year, as you can see from this post. I always say a prayer as the new year comes in. I thank GOD for his blessings. I ask that he makes me an instrument in others lives. We all have gifts that should be shared. I also got some much needed rest! The end of the year was very busy for me. Rest helps you heal and repair. Not only is it a new year, but it's also a new decade. I see a difference in myself, in comparison to 2010. Both physically (on the outside) and internally (on the inside). In reflection, you see changes from year to year. Some noticeable. Some not as much. But when you look back 10 years, you should see major changes. Changes in your country. Changes in your neighborhood, city and state. Changes in people. You should also see changes in YOU and your life. Know that everything doesn't stay the same. Many times GOD shakes things up to WAKE YOU UP. Changes (whether good or bad) will help you to GROW... to PROSPER. That's been my experience. Wishing you a BLESSED, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS 2020!

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