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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

How To Recover Quickly From The Common Cold

The common cold is something we all experience at some point in our lives and on multiple occasions. It can end up slowing us down disrupting our current schedule. So here are a few ways to recover quickly from the common cold and get back to full health.

Get Plenty Of Rest
It’s often too late to stop a common cold once you’ve started getting the symptoms because the infection was likely to have happened a few days before these started to show. However, as soon as you start to feel ill, have a sore throat, headache or drowsy, get to sleep. Try to book the following day off and spend the day asleep or resting on the sofa. Take a hot bath when you can and only get up to feed yourself fluids in the form of soups or broth. Rest is very important because it immediately makes you feel better. And the more sleep you get, the quicker the body will be able to fight off the illness. It’s never nice to be ill and so sleep is your body’s way of helping attack those foreign bodies in your body that is making you ill, to begin with.

Go To The Doctor
Getting medical help for most common colds are probably not advised because a lot can be treated with your usual paracetamol or pain killers and plenty of rest. The point at which you want to go and see a doctor is when you’re really not getting better from the rest and the cold doesn’t seem to be shifting. You can learn more about spotting these signs but if it’s not gone after a few days, some antibiotics or other medication might be needed in order to make yourself feel better.

Stay Hydrated
Keep yourself hydrated because there’s really nothing better than drinking water in significant amounts. Our bodies need water in order to survive and thrive and although our bodies can go with food for a few days, our bodies can't live without water. So try to keep yourself hydrated whilst resting because a lack of water won’t give you that energy and flush out toxins that are currently residing in your body. Try to monitor how much you’re drinking or get a family member or partner to do it. The more you can drink, the better you’re going to feel eventually.

Experiment With Typical Remedies
There are also a lot of old wives tales and remedies that might be worth trying out to see if any of them actually work for you. A few of these would be to have a mixture of honey, ginger and lemon with hot water for sore throats or eating raw garlic is meant to be good too. Do some research and see what helps you get better and recover more quickly.

Recovering from a common cold is something we’ve all done in the past and will continue to do so. Avoid it by washing your hands regularly and staying away from those with the bug.
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